Jets lose to Dolphins, time to worry


If you thought the New York Jets loss to the New England Patriots last week was bad, then roll film on this disaster.

In their 10-6 loss to the Miami Dolphins, the Jets brought out all of the old.  Bad running, bad passing, bad catching, bad coaching.

It’s officially time to worry.  At 9-4, and now 2 games behind the Patriots (11-2), this team is playing like a 6-7 team.   With upcoming games at Pittsburgh and at Chicago, this team could finish the season 9-7, and out of the playoffs.  A major disappointment today. Rex Ryan wasn’t able to shake the Patriots game from Mark Sanchez and the offensive line who looked shaky, uncomfortable and just bad.

It’s time to stop wondering about winning the AFC East and hoping the Jets can secure the 6th and final spot in the playoffs.  Buckle up, Jets fans, these next 3 weeks are going to be tough.



Sanchez was bad.  He missed too many throws and tried to make too many perfect passes.  On his good throws, the Jets receivers were there to drop the ball for him.  There were a couple of opportunities to change the game (Holmes dropped TD pass, bad throw to Keller, bad throw to Cotchery), and the Jets didn’t make it happen.  Incidentally, Sanchez needed to get a play off before the 2 minute warning in the 4th quarter.  Bad job there.

It’s hard to put blame on Santonio Holmes after the year he has had, but Santonio has to catch that TD pass in the endzone. With the way the Jets defense played, that was a game changer.

The offensive line is night and day from last season’s line.  Sanchez is being pressured on almost every throw and the running game has been terrible.  Six sacks allowed today.

Shonn Greene (8 carries for 17 yards) left the game in the fourth quarter with an undisclosed injury.


The panic button was clearly on in Ryan’s and Schotty’s head today.  Going for it on 4th down too many times, terrible play calling, and failing to realize that running the ball up the middle the entire game was a bad idea.  66 rushing yards on 27 carries was abysmal and the Jets should have realized early on that something was wrong.

Rex said he considered pulling Sanchez in the third quarter.  Not good.


Let’s face it; if the Jets defense didn’t play like it did today (although the Dolphins were terrible on offense), this game would have been a repeat of the Patriots disaster last week.  Again, Darrelle Revis was invisible, which is a good thing and a bad thing.  Not hearing a word from your best player is a concern.  But what else can you use him for?

Raise your hands if you cringed when Brodney Pool was unable to pick up the fumble from the Henne sack and return it for a TD, because you knew the Jets weren’t scoring?

With 5 sacks and giving up 131 yards, the defense deserved a win today.

Time to worry, Jets fans.