Same old Jets no more


Well that definitely was not your daddy’s New York Jets out there Sunday night in Miami.

With revenge on their minds and distractions in the rear view mirror, the Jets outgunned the Dolphins 31-23 to claim first place in the AFC East.

Rather than pump up his team with his customary, inspiring, fuel-injected talk, Rex Ryan decided to take a page from Eric Mangini and showed his team highlights of last season 2 defeats to the Dolphins.

“That was the message,” guard Brandon Moore said after the hard-fought win. “He put a chip on our shoulder.”

Message received. The Jets offense played hungry and wouldn’t quit. And depsite penalty after penalty after penalty, the Jets found their way into the endzone. The defense? not so much; but hey, sometimes you need your offense to win games too.

Let’s recap this game:

– Mark Sanchez, when releasing the ball quickly, is really good. You can’t say enough about Sanchez the past two games. 476 Yards, 6 TD’s, No INTs. Quick slants, and a nice relationship with TE Dustin Keller make the Jets dangerous on offense. With Santonio Holmes almost back from his 4 game suspension, the Jets will only get better on offense.

– LT was such a valuable acquisition. Showing that he still has gas left in the tank, LT has emerged as the Jets primary back. With 70 yards on the ground, including his first TD as a Jet, people are starting to wonder what happened to Shonn Greene.

– Nice to see Jason Taylor with a sack. Quick, when was the last time the Jets had a pass rusher who could get to the QB like Taylor does? The best part about Taylor’s sack of QB Chad Henne was Taylor’s disappointment in not forcing a fumble, as he did last week against Tom Brady. That’s what you like to hear.

– Dustin Keller could be emerging as a top TE in the NFL. With size and speed, Keller has elevated his game and is clearly Sanchez’s favorite target. 6 catches for 98 yards with 2 TDs in the first half.

– The consecutive penalties against the Jets at the end of the 3rd quarter to negate 2 first downs and a Sanchez rushing TD was something the Jets always get. That got Jets fans nervous about this game.

– The pass interference play in the 4th quarter on Edwards was a penalty the Jets never get. Same old Jets, no more.

– Braylon Edwards. Say what you want about Edwards and his DUI last week, but one thing is clear. For the Jets to succeed, they need Edwards out there. His size and playmaking ability are crucial to this team. Coming off a first quarter suspension, Edwards emerged and quickly set the tone in the second half with a 67 yard catch and run TD.

– The Jets defense was downright lousy last night. Little pressure and terrible secondary work. Made the Dolphins and Henne look like all-pros.

– Kyle Wilson needs to either be benched or be relegated to guarding the TE. Wilson has shown that he cannot be trusted to turn his head and look for the ball, ending in countless receptions against him and/or penalties. It’s too much. He needs to step it up now.

– Have you noticed the big play in the NFL this season? It’s the lob pass. Either results in a completion or pass interference call. Works everytime, guys.

– When are you coming back, Darrelle Revis?

– Brandon Marshall is a good receiver. Great pickup by the Fins.