You knew what was coming. We all knew what was coming. Peyton Manning was not going to go down like that.

With a 17-6 lead with 2:11 left in the first half, and after Sanchez threw a perfect 80 yard pass to Edwards, Manning marched the Colts 80 yards on four plays over 58 seconds, hitting Collie for three straight completions for 18 yards, 46 yards and then a 16-yard touchdown. The 46-yard pass play was a killer because it looked like Drew Coleman miss-timed his jump and had the ball go just over his arm. That score cut the Jets’ lead to 17-13 at halftime.

You could say that was the gamechanger.

The game was officially over when Feely missed the 52 yarder to start the 3rd quarter, giving Manning great field position.  To give Ryan some slack here, Feely said he was making 60 yard attempts in pre-game warmups and felt good from within 55.

With a kick that went wide right, the Colts took a 20-17 lead with 8:03 left in the third quarter when Manning fired a 4-yard pass to the corner of the end zone to Garcon over Lowery.  Game. Set. Match.

It didn’t help that Shonn Greene hurt his ribs to start the 3rd quarter on a running play and didn’t come back.

Overall, the Jets run this year was nothing short of great. Here are some quick hits from the game and reflections on a great run.

1. Looks like we have a San-chise. Could not have asked for a better game from your QB, whether it be a rookie or a 10 year veteran. Sanchez was poised and ready for this game (and every other playoff game this year). What a great game for Sanchez and a reminder of h0w it feels to get so close and to vow to never let it happen again.

2. 100 yards on 2 catches by Braylon Edwards was nice to see. I think Edwards guaranteed a spot on the roster for next season, but his comments after the game, particularly addressing the team’s lack of intensity in the 2nd half, shouldn’t have been said. Take the loss and get better next season.

3. What a bad time for Shonn Greene to be out.  The teams sparkplug this season, Greene appeared to reinjure his ribs in the 3rd quarter and never came back. (Greene first hurt his ribs during the preseason).  Thomas Jones was out of gas during the entire playoffs. Greene was too crucial to lose.

4. Bart Scott was missed. Ankle injury forced Scott to miss most of the game.

5. Jets secondary needs to improve. Strickland gets hurt way too much (Groin injury in first quarter knocked him out of this one), and Sheppard is done. With a $10 million guarantee coming in March, it is pretty safe to say that Sheppard will not be around to receive that money.

6. Interesting comments by Manning after the game. First, Manning said he was surprised that Sheppard was benched in favor of Lowery and said he noticed it immediately; Second, Manning said during the week, he and QB Coach Frank Reich went back to the 2005 Ravens vs. Colts Week 1 game to see if they could spot any trends from Coach Ryan:

“I grinded on those guys hard all week,” Manning said. “I studied a lot of film. I studied that 2005 game against them. As I was watching it, I said, ‘You know, I think they might play some of this defense.’ And that’s kind of what they did today.”   Pretty crazy comments. Manning is certainly in a world of his own.

7. Cotchery makes every catch, doesn’t he?

8. Sanchez, Cotchery, Keller, Greene are a nice 4 to build around.

9. Defensive lineman for the draft?