Walk Hard. The Rex Ryan Story.


I love the enthusiasm coming from the Jets. Rex Ryan isn’t scared to speak his mind and the attitude is contagious. Kerry Rhodes wants the Jets to embarrass the Pats today which echos what we’ve all wanted the last 8 times the Pats have come to town. Unfortunately, it hasn’t happened. An attitude from the Jets might be exactly what this team needs to finally get over the hump, though execution is ultimately what will get it done.

This game will come down to a few key matchups.

Mark Sanchez vs. the Pats blitz… The Pats have been able to stop the Jets for years without bringing the house. If there is one thing we know about a Bill Belicheat defense is they will take one thing away and force you to beat them without your strength. My guess is the Pats will bring everyone to the line and force Sanchez to beat them consistently over the top. The Pats will key on Thomas Jones and Leon Washington while pressing the WR’s. Sanchez needs to take what the defense gives him. If that means loosening them up early with some shots down the field, so be it. Sanchez will need to prove he can get it done so the Jets will have a chance to pound the rock and beat up the over matched Pats middle. Dustin Keller should be key!

Tom Terrific needs to taste the Turf… If there is one thing we’ve all learned about the Pats over the years is like every other QB, Tom Brady is human when under pressure. The Bills did a nice job of getting to Brady and I expect more of the same today. The Pats will likely come out spread and use a lot of quick hitters to negate the Jets rush. The Jets need to be up tight forcing the Pats to wait for things to develop. This will allow some extra time for the guys to make Brady nervous.

Mistake free football… Gang Green needs to use controlled chaos out there. The Pats typically out execute their foes. While the Jets want to fly all over the field, they have to make sure they wrap up. This game could come down to a big special teams play or turnover. The Jets need to make sure they are on the winning end of the turnover battle and need to key on executing all phases of the game.

This game is bigger to this new regime then a divisional game. This game will set the tone for the rest of the season. Rex Ryan’s talk from day 1 has been received by his players and these fans. Gang Green needs this win at home to keep it going. Are we gonna be Dewey Cox or Johnny Cash? We’ll find out at 1pm!!! Jets fans are ready to rock!!!! Let’s GO!