Jets quietly plugging holes as they prepare for Draft Day!


The Jets have been been plugging depth needs along the way since the big splash they made with Scott & Sheppard early in this free agency campaign. Rex Ryan and Co. are looking very Parcells “esque” with the “my guy” additions made to this squad. The addition of Jim Leonhard gives a translator of Rex’s language in the secondary, while of course Bart Scott will fill those duties along the linebacking crew. Now the Jets have signed Howard Green to backup Kris Jenkins in the middle. Green, by the way, also had time under Ryan in Baltimore. This signing could prove to be one of those life saver moves. While I like Sione Pouha, the Jets really struggled while he was at the nose last season. If Jenkins goes down, this defense will need a big body in the middle to at least hold their ground. Green will be under a 1 year contract and will certainly be pushing to prove himself here. Nice Job Tannenbaum!

On another note, the Jets resigned Jay Feely to a 1 year deal. Why is this exciting you ask? Because now no one will be tempted to draft a PK… No offense to the “Nug”, but no kicker needs to be drafted. It’s a waste of time.

So where does Gang Green go from here? I’d like to see them ink Marques Douglas for more depth at DE. Besides that I think the free agency period has went nicely. I think the QB position is fine right now and I don’t think bringing in a Byron Leftwich will give you any more success than you’ll get out of the kids in house. Clemens & Ratliff deserve a shot to battle it out, while I’d also like to see if Ainge is worth even having around. Speaking of steroids, the Jets also signed Larry Izzo formerly of the Pats. Hopefully we can get him to admit the Pats took Steroids on top of stealing signals. Bastards!

Moving on. Due to the Jets success this free agency, they are now in a position to draft positions that are heavily saturated with talent this year. Offensive line & Wide Receiver seem to be the two deepest positions in this years class. The Jets should have their eye on both. While I love the Jets offensive line. They are going to need depth. You can never have too much meat up front. Regardless, the first round will most likely be a WR. I personally am not a fan of Hayward-Bey from MD. I would much rather Harvin or Maclin. I know the experts love Maclin more, but something tells me Harvin is going to be a star!

In round two there should be still be some solid options at the RB position. The Jets are looking to Leon Washington out in space more this year, which is a great move. A guy like McCoy from Pitt, if available would be a great addition to the Jets backfield to learn under Thomas Jones who will be 30 this year.

Besides that, the Jets are in position to take the best player available, which is great. This is usually the most exciting time of year for us Gang Green fans. Mike Tannenbaum has done a great job the past few years. With an uncapped season coming up, they need to plan carefully!