Gang Green posts 2nd straight impressive start to the offseason!!!


The Jets are once again going full force into free agency with their win first attitude intact. I’ll say this now… If nothing else, we can be assured that this organization is trying.

The Bart Scott signing today means the Jets are serious about moving in the right direction. They are building this team to be a dominant defense. They’ve also traded for Lito Sheppard for a small price which should allow “Swipe” Lowery to move into the safety position. Of course there’s still a chance the Jets bring in Jim Leonhard to compete, but the weakness of the Jets secondary is all of the sudden looking very strong.

Gang Green still has some holes to fill. While I love the move to re-sign Brandon Moore, the Jets O-line depth is very thin. They need some depth at along the front line to account for injury concerns. The starting 5 is tops in the league, but this is a position of concern for a run first outfit. Rex Ryan is obviously looking to beat people up on both sides of the ball which is the philosophy that will win in the Meadowlands for years to come. How many people can name the last home QB to make the Hall from the Meadowlands? Exactly…

I’ve had a lot of negative things to say about this organization when they made the Favre deal, but so far they’ve done things right this offseason. I’m becoming more confident in their decision making. With these moves the 17th pick becomes more flexible. Despite a decent cap number, I think they can grab the guys they really want in the draft now. A falling Stafford or Moreno become viable options, while moving up in other rounds to grab their “guy” is still plausible.

In my opinion, here are the positions the Jets will need to address before we get started…

1. Line Depth- The Jets want to build from the inside out. If they can focus on O & D line depth and development, I’m always for it!!!

2. WR- With the loss of Coles, the Jets need to grab a burner in the draft. Cotchery & Keller are intermediate threats, but a Maclin or Harvin in the first round could be a steal! Gotta go through the draft because the UFA’s are limited…

3. QB (Here’s the deal… Unless Stafford somehow falls to 17, the Jets need to enter this year with whichever of the 3 current guys turn the ball over the LEAST!!!) If Stafford’s there, take him and develop him under these guys for this year… He needs a year to learn.

4. TE- With the loss of Chris Baker to the Patriots (bastards!!!), the Jets will need someone in the position who can make an impact in the running game. While I believe the Jets will employ some of the Ravens unbalanced lines (even in the B. Schotty Offense), my guess is they will need another TE who can service as a blocker/pass catcher in situational needs. (Leonard Pope or Daniel Wilcox maybe?)

5. RB- This is the year Thomas Jones hits the big 30. While he’s shared carries and still has some serious mileage, someone will eventually need to overtake that role, and Leon needs a bruiser on his team.

6. PK- Resign Feely… He earned it, on the field and battling Skip Bayless… he belongs in NY!

All in all, they’ve done a great job so far… At least they’re making splash. We’re gonna get their folks… Believe!