Who’s the Boss? Shannahan should be!!!


The Jets are in a tough position right now. Potential suiters for the head coaching position are going to want to know what Brett Favre’s future is with this organization before accepting the position. Actually, I take that back. Any potential candidates that have a proven track record and are not a shot in the dark will want to know what Favre’s story is before taking the gig.

The Jets have made it clear that they will not give personnel control to anyone, though they said they were willing to share duties with Tannenbaum and the new coach. I’m not sure if that will fly with a guy like Shannahan, but I sure hope it does. Shannahan would be a great fit for this team. The zone blocking scheme’s he’s perfected in Denver would be amazing with this athletic offensive line. Couple that with the fact that he has developed a young QB makes a perfect fit for the Jets going forward. Shannahan is still fairly young and gives instant credibility to the organization.

The Jets thought they were getting that with Favre, but it was obviously the wrong move. The Jets need to lure Shannahan in a convince him to stick to coaching and leave the financial decisions to the financial people. The addition of Shannahan would instantly give the Jets a head coach that could be comparable to the head man in Foxboro.

It’s becoming more clear that the Jets are leaning towards one of these hot young coordinators. I believe this is a mistake. The Jets are built with a good mix of young guys and vets. They are built to run the ball which was Shannahan’s specialty until this year. This team needs a proven commodity.

I believe the players think Brian Schottenheimer gave in to Favre and most likely won’t respect him for that. I don’t think Steve Spagnolo could come in a change this team into a 4-3 defense that would succeed because it took Mangini 3 years to mold the 3-4. They’ve also interviewed B.C.’s Jag’s who would need to get his sea legs after coming back into the NFL. They’ve interviewed 3 other’s so far, none of which would give the team credibility.

I know the front office is looking at Atlanta & Baltimore and want to find that gem of a coach, but Atlanta and Baltimore would broke down doors to get a guy like Shannahan if the opportunity had presented itself. This is a good team and he is a great coach.

If Woody Johnson was willing to go all out for Favre while he had one good year in his last 5, then he certainly should break the bank to bring in a guy who has consistently won his entire career. It’s the right fit… He’s still got a lot of fire and a lot to prove!!! He’s one of the most competitive coaches in football. A match made it heaven!!! Make it Happen!!!!