Jones takes leadership role!!!


Soon after being voted the team MVP, Thomas Jones spoke out against Brett Favre. We all know ESPN & the NFL have had a love affair with this guy for years, but the bottom line is he’s un-coachable. There is no reason any QB should come to a new team and have the entire offense change.

The Jets were built to run the ball and play defense and the addition of Favre and his “me first” mentality screwed with the entire organization (except for Jersey sales & PSL’s of course).

It’s hilarious how all these “experts” have been bashing Jones for saying what the entire team and most of the fan base is feeling. They all are talking about how Favre was the reason that Jones was able to have a better year this year. No one has said anything about the additions of Faneca, Woody, T. Richardson & Franks as a reason Jones finally had some lanes to run through. It’s all because of Favre… ? it’s hilarious.

Then the next excuse is that Favre hasn’t had enough time in this offense to truely feel comfortable. Another funny excuse. Seems like Pennington, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco and the myriad of other QB’s to get into a new situation were able to at least function without throwing the ball to the opposite team at the worst possible times. Jason Campbell has been in a different offense every year he’s been in the league, and while he hasn’t had great years, he hasn’t been the single reason for the teams losses.

That’s where I think Thomas Jones was right in airing his comments. We know not many people on that this team had the guts to talk to the media about what needed to be said. This team is close, and they know they’ll never get it done with Favre. They would’ve had a much better chance with Pennington (obviously, I know). Someone needed to put it out there so Woody Johnson and Mike Tannenbaum would get a clue of the locker room feeling.

Here’s the deal. Green Bay has gone through plenty of coaches during Favre’s career. Why do you think that is? Why would Holmgren leave? The bottom line is the guy does what he wants, not what’s best for the team. How many times were the Jets in scoring position this year and just needed a field goal and Favre threw a pick instead of throwing the ball away? TOO MANY! How many times were the Jets satisfied to punt the ball away from their own end of the field on 3rd and long and Favre threw a pick with a slim lead? TOO MANY!!!  The bottom line is he doesn’t care about this team, he doesn’t care about winning, he just cares about padding his stats.

I respect what he has done in his career, I really do, but I’ve also watched Green Bay suffer through the last decade of these shananagans and it’s just not fair.

Sal Paolantonio wrote an article about how Favre was extremely over-rated last March before he ever dawned the Jets uniform. He’s been an over-rated QB in the regular season, and has been one of the worst big game (playoff) QB’s in recent history. The NFL has fed the average fan this crap for years, but the rest of us know the deal. Please take a moment to check out Sal’s awesome article…