What’s up Big Herm!


In a game that shapes up to be make or break for the Jets, we can only hope that our ol’ pal Herm is thinking draft pick!!! The Jets have now put themselves in a position where winning is the only option. With a loss today they would fall too far back in the AFC East from a two game stretch they have no business losing.

Here’s what I’m looking for between the lines…

Everyone has been pounding the Chiefs on the ground with a nice deal of success. I would expect nothing less from the Jets today. Jones and Washington need to touch the ball with regularity, especially with Coles and Cotchery less than 100%. It looks like Coles will go, but Cotchery is out on Vegas Cards.

This is another game that the Jets should lean on their defense which is undoubtably the strength of this squad. The offense needs to be efficient to keep the defense fresh. The last thing the Jets can afford to go is allow the Chiefs to hang around and get any semblense of confidence.

The Bottom line in this one is the Jets should roll early and often. This one for all intensive purposes should not be close. I feel like a broken record saying the only way the Jets will lose this game is if they continue to be sloppy in turning the ball over. As long as they secure the rock, they should win this one with ease.


I think the offense was embarrased by the way the passing game led to their loss in Oakland and I’m expecting a bounce back week for Favre. The defense should once again rule the day as they might outscore K.C. by themselves. I’m looking for a final mark somewhere in the 27-10 area! With a trip to Buffalo on tap next week, the Jets have no choice but to build some momentum here!

Jets Bets:

I got knocked out last weekend with a terrible play on the Colts, luckily I’ve worked my way back to even with the first 3 World Series match ups and I’m looking for a winning Sunday that has been few and far between this year. College Football was beautiful yesterday with a huge play on Penn St!!! Let’s hope that rolls into today’s plays!!!

20 Shakes of Parmesan Houston -9

The Texans are due for a breakout performance here as they start to hit their stride. Matt Schaub and the offense is looking solid and the defense should give an anemic Bengals squad all they can handle. The Texans should score early and often in a game that should see the Texans roll in front of their home crowd.

20 Cheese and Crackers Miami +100

Wishful Thinking? Maybe, but Buffalo has owned Miami in recent years and Miami is coming off a tough loss. The records for these two is lopsided and Vegas has posted a number lower than 3. This tells me they are really leaning towards Miami, and attempting to bait people into Buffalo. Couple that with the fact we need a Buffalo loss, and I’m rolling with the Phins :)!!!

20 Bags of Cheeze IT’s NY Jets -14

That’s right, I’m breaking the rule!!! I’m betting on the Jets…!!! Am I a glutton for punishment you ask? Most likely, but I don’t care. The Jets should cover this spread with their second string… they return home after an embarrasing loss and are just ready to hit someone. Poor Tyler Thigpen!!! J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS!!!!