It Just Isn’t Working…


I couldn’t agree with Jay more that this is getting ridiculous. The team has no chemistry and they just aren’t getting the job done. The part where we totally disagree is the reason for it. I said since day 1 that I thought this team was primed for a run with Chad Pennington. He knew this offense like the back of his hand and every year he was healthy, the Jets were in the playoffs. They finally went out and got him an offensive line, a pro-bowl fullback, and a defense that could stop the run. Pennington did have limitations, somewhat like Brady in his rookie year, Big Ben in his rookie year, or Trent Dilfer for example. They all have rings.

Of course Mangini was building this team out of the Patriots mold, which has done pretty well over the past few years… The difference with the ’08 Jets is the fact that the QB turns the ball over way too much… I don’t believe you would see Brady with a game line like this…

I don’t know how you can fault the coaches when the team is in scoring position and needs a FG and they walk away with no points because Favre has thrown INT’s in the red zone 3 TIMES in the last 2 WEEKS. The Bengal game wouldn’t have been close if the Jets would’ve settled for FG’s as opposed to INT’s. Obviously in this Raider game, Feely’s 52 yarder would’ve been for the win instead of the tie without the Turnovers.

Needless to say, if they can figure out a way to throw out of bounds or just run the ball in those situations the Jets would be good to go.

It’s a simple formula that has plagued Favre throughout his career.

Don’t get me wrong, I really do like Brett Favre. I love watching him play. I love his enthusiasm, his willingness to throw blocks, and his competitiveness. The problem is he won’t throw the ball away and that’s what the Jets need. They built this team for a conservative approach and then brought in a Gunslinger at the 11th hour. Big Mistake.

I also agree with Jay that this is Mangini’s fault. It looks to me like he won’t get in Favre’s face. I think maybe a guy like Cowher would. There is no way he would accept these kinds of mistakes that are the glaring weakness in this team. The defense has been solid enough to win, the running game and offensive line is getting better and better, the receivers are getting used to Favre and his tendencies, special teams is still solid, but Favre turns the ball over too much.

I’ve been hoping Favre has a late career turnaround like John Elway did when he became the ultimate game manager with a huge arm, but so far, it’s the same ol’ Favre that Packer fans have lived and died with all these years.

I truely believe that he is smart enough to make the change now. He has said since day 1 that he’s here to win games. I just hope he figures out how to win ’em with this squad. The Jets aren’t built for shootouts, they need to take what the defense gives ’em  and move on.

With all that said, let’s be real, we knew this was going to be a tough road trip because of their last trip west. I like the way the defense played and how Thomas Jones ran. Any time you hold an opponent to under 20 and your RB posts 150, (barring turnovers) you should win. This is a crazy league and the Jets will still have opportunities to get back in this thing. They have a very winnable game coming up this week and then will gear up for a huge game with the Bills.

I’ll just say, let’s not panic yet. We knew this was going be a tough transition with the QB change at the last minute. We know Favre can do great things, and when he makes the right decisions, he is tops in the league. I’d rather get these games out of his system early, then for them to come in the playoffs like they have for him the past 6 or 7 tries.

I will also give Favre the benefit of the doubt because of this crazy off season. I pray that he hits his stride once he smells the cool in the air. I won’t forget that the Giants didn’t look great last year and Eli was a bum going into the playoffs (too many INT’s as well). But he and the Giants put it together in the post season with securing the ball and relying on running and defense. I just hope we can do the same!!! Come on guys… head up!!!