One Quarter Down, 3 to Go!!!


What an emotional roller coaster we’ve seen here in Jets Nation over the first quarter of this season. We’ve seen the highs of 56 points against the Cards, and the lows of a Monday Night embarrassment to the Bolts. It’s tough to make any assumptions about which team we can expect to see week to week, but it’s starting to become apparent that these guys really believe in each other and are starting to gel. 

Mangini and company stress the importance of winning the turnover battle and controlling the time of possession which is evident in “Winners” across the league. Just take a minute to look at the past few Super Bowl Champs and it’s easy to see. Eli, Peyton, Brady, Big Ben, Brad Johnson or even Trent Dilfer have all had one thing in common. They ate the clock, didn’t turn the ball over, had an amazing running game and a hot defense. Let’s look at the 2008 Jets!

In the Jets two losses, they have allowed opponents to hold the rock for a combined 7 minutes and 40 seconds longer than them. They also posted a -4 mark in the turnover battle. Hmmm…

In the Jets two wins they have an even mark in time of possession, and have won the turnover battle by an amazing +7!!! So what does this mean?

It means for this team to be successful, the burden will fall on Brett Favre to take care of the ball so that the running game and defense can make things happen. Let’s be real guys, Brett’s not as bad as we saw against San Diego, and he won’t average 6 TD’s a week. If we can get a consistent performance with the threat of the deep ball, this team can do some damage!!!  

The defense has the potential to be a top notch squad!!! GET YOUR HARD HATS ON MEN!!! We’re looking at a squad that could cause some serious damage!!!


The 1st quarter MVP is without a doubt your man and my new favorite, Mr. Kris Jenkins!!! He commands a double team on every play and is relentless to the ball! Jenkins has led the Jets to 5th in the league against the rush! That’s right, the Jets are are sitting only behind the Eagles, Ravens, Vikings and Steelers as the stingiest run stoppers in the NFL!!! Can you say Pro Bowl?


The additions of Faneca, T-Rich, Jenkins & Favre all provide one common factor… Success! These guys know how to win, and that’s exactly what this team needed to learn.


I know a lot of Jets Fans have been in Mangini’s face questioning every move he makes. I gotta tell you guys, he’s the man for the job! He believes in his guys to get a yard when they need it, yet he’s willing to try new things when it doesn’t. This is a group with a lot of new faces! I believe the Rays & Celtics have done something amazing… so why not our Jets?


There is no doubt that this season will continue to have ups and downs that will test all our hearts, but at the end of the day we are looking at a team that will scrape their way to a 10-6 record and a birth in the playoffs! From there anything is possible, but I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of a late year trip back to San Diego. I’m not sayin’… I’m just sayin!!!