Fantasy or Reality?


I did it again. Every year I go into my Fantasy draft telling myself not to draft Jets, but I couldn’t help it this year. I have Favre & Hasselbeck as my QB’s, Thomas Jones and Brian Westbrook as my RB’s, and Mike Nugent is my kicker. I don’t know why I torture myself every year. It’s worked a few times with Curtis Martin and Vinny, but besides that I reach to get some green on my team.

If this preseason is indicative of what will happen in the regular season (and it never is) then the Jets will at least be able to move the ball and get into scoring position with regularity. The reality of the situation is that going into the season the schedule looks weak. Obviously things change on a yearly basis, but the Jets have looked as good as can be expected.

As far as Saturday’s game with the Giants, I thought offensively the offensive line was great in pass protection, but was poor in run blocking. Neither Leon or Jones had much of a chance because there was penetration on almost every running play. This is something they will need to sure up as the season goes on.

Defensively, I was extremely impressed with the passion that the first team played with. I thought they started to look more like a unit instead of 11 guys out there. The loss of Justin Miller will obviously hurt, but Lowery has been solid and looks way faster than his 40 time would indicate. Vernon Gholston still looked a little lost, but showed some flashes. I thought for the most part he played hard and that’s all we can expect. Kris Jenkins still continues to impress me with his pure power. Barton and Harris have so much more freedom because Jenkins in 2 yards in the backfield on every play! Even though I thought the Giants were able to move the ball a little too easily, the Jets D tightened up when it mattered. This group is still gelling, but if they are able to stay fresh this year (which will depend on the offenses ability to stay on the field) then I truely believe they can be a top 10 squad. Keep brining the pressure and those ball hawks will take it the other way. I couldn’t believe it, everyone was wrapping up on tackles too!

Skip Bayless of ESPN’s First Take predicted the Jets @ 12-4 this year… I’m thinking 10-6, but I definitely hope he’s right!

If so you can bet I will trade my whole Fantasy Team for all Jets and will sacrifice my $50 to see all Green in my lineup! Yup, that’s a Jet Fan!!! Bet on preseason, trade for all Jets in Fantasy, and somehow I’ll end up winning the lotto!

Here’s my squad to start the year… 12 Team League, Passing 25/4, Rushing/Rec 10/6…

QB- Matt Hasselbeck

RB- Brian Westbrook

RB- Thomas Jones

WR- Larry Fitzgerald

WR- T.J. Houshyourmamma

WR- Ted Ginn Jr.

TE- Kellen Winslow

K- Mike Nugent

D/ST- Indianapolis

BN- Brett Favre, Jonathan Stewart, Chester Taylor, Owen Daniels, Ronald Curry, Vincent Jackson

I might trade them all for Jets if Gang Green puts it on New England in Week 2!!! Lets hope they get past Miami first…