Jets Beat Browns!!! (Oh, And Get Favre)


The capper on this magnificient off-season by Mike Tannenbaum came in the form of the greatest quarterback of all time. At least in the record books. The Jets were going into this season with an unknown or a too well known at quarterback to lead their new and improved team. That wasn’t good enough. So they pulled off the most spectacular trade in franchise history adding the most improbable player ever to wear the green and white: Brett Favre – which The Jet Press predicted would happen over a week ago. But enough about the deal that has been reported to death on by the national media. My only gripe is that I can’t believe all the negativity to this move. Writers such as ESPN’s John Clayton and Fox Sports Mark Kriegel — who by the way have never played football — “guaranteeing” this was a bad move and one that Brett will regret by coming to play for perennial loser New York Jets. Well, excuse me, I’m no professional media big shot but isn’t the fact that the team added Brett Favre supposed to improve them? The team also added free agents with a combined 11 Pro Bowls between them. At what point is the piling on enough? Yes we all know that the Jets have not been to the Super Bowl in 40 years but these guys predictions rarely pan out and in this unpredictable NFL world anything can happen so why can’t the Jets be good again? We all know the Patriots are good but I don’t think they were the best team last year were they? In five years nobody will remember the losing team in last years Super Bowl. That is what always happens when you’re not the last team standing. So to the media I say: Back off and shut up already. If we wanted your opinion we would give it to you. At least here we get some support.

Before I get to the game I did want to wish Chad Pennington all the best. A tougher gamer you will be hard pressed to find. I loved rooting for Chad and am truly sorry to see him go and not be the guy to take us all the way but injuries derailed what began as a promising career and the possible savior tag being hung around his neck. I hope he gets to play somwhere that will let him start because the guy can still play. Good luck Chad and thanks for leaving it all on the field and giving us all you had.

As for the lightning delayed game last night in Cleveland all I can say is we have Brett’s up the wazoo all of a sudden. If you missed the game you missed one of the most stunning preseason shows ever put on by third string QB Brett Ratliff and possible third wide receiver David Clowney. Ratliff only threw for 250 yards and two touchdowns with no picks and those two touchdonws were two 70 yard strikes to Clowney – who had 4 catches for 163 yards. Other stand out play came from Chansi Stuckey and 4th round diamond in the rough CB Dwight Lowery. He seemed to be all over the field on defense – making a great interception in the end zone to help preserve a lead he gave the Jets. Lowery had a fantastic 62 yard punt return for a touchdown in the 4th quarter that put the Jets up for good. Talk about making an impression on the coach.

I also was pleased with what I saw from Brad Kassell, Rutgers LB Brandon Renkart, Dustin Keller, and Jehuu Caulcrick. And by the way, who on earth is this kid Kenwin Cummings??? He lit it up last night and here is one Jets fan hoping this inside linebacker makes the squad. He looked fast and able to penetrate recording a sack. Vernon Gholston also flashed some speed getting after the QB. His continued progress, even if slow from missing OTA’s, is imperative.

Oh and Brett Favre was there.