Not Fool’s Gold


What can I say? Either I’m easily impressed, I love potential, or a healthy combination of the two. The New York Jets certainly have not given me much reason to be overly optimisitc over their history or my 25 plus year affiliation with them as a fan. Yet…I have a good feeling this year. I like this time of year for the optimism of the draft and rookie mini camp. It makes all fans feel like anything is possible.

One player to like: CB Dwight Lowery. Yes I like this guy alot. I think he will join the ranks of 4th round wonders we have drafted of late. Maybe the Jets were happy to get rid of our third round pick? Atfer all, who was the last third rounder we took? Anthony Schlegel? He may be forever linked to third round bombs in all future round by round bust lists. Lowery looks the part he thinks the part and he has put up the stats of the part. So why didn’t he go in the second round? Maybe he was too slow when everyone was paying attention. I’m just glad the Jets didn’t stop paying attention at the stopwatch. I think this guy is a football player.

Another reason to savor the kool aid: WR Marcus Henry. This guy has exactly the type of size we desperately needed going into the draft. He was just what the doctor ordered. So why all the booing? Why do fans and critics alike knock the Jets for not taking a WR with their second pick? Hnery produced a thousand yard season at Kansas at an 18.8 yard per catch clip. Maybe he suffered the same “slowness” infection that felled Lowery? I think the Jets will be glad that they did. I seem to remember the big knock on Jerricho Cotchery coming out of college was his 40 time and that he didn’t have great speed. He has quickly become one of the sneakiest big play threats in the league who may not have great speed but he has great hustle and he knows how to turn up the football speed when he needs to. So for all you nay sayers out their who joined the boobirds when TE Dustin Keller’s name was called…

Yup, you guessed it. He is my number one reason to be beaming headed into training camp. I think Dustin Keller not only has the chance to be special for us but I say his only competition for offensive rookie of the year honors is near Jet Darren McFadden. Vernon Gholston should be great but you have to expect that when you pick that high of whoever the selection is or else you’re not that good at doing the lip service. Keller was the x-factor. The reach pick. The combine warrior who also had the huge college numbers last season. He is a dynamite talent and not your father’s Oldsmobile. I remember Johnny Mitchell in his season plus of dominance for the Jets. He had it. He was a star. If only he would have committed to football instead of just having to be committed. Dustin Keller reminds me of Johnny Mitchell with a purpose. A focused and determined athlete and not somebody worried about honing his dance moves for the judges. I say Keller has a big impact for the Jets with 50 catches and 7-8 touchdowns. Yes sir, I’m buying. Kool Aid for the house.