QB Or Not QB


While I don’t subscribe to the increased speculation and secret rumblings emanating from everywhere but Hofstra/New Jersey about the New York Jets going quarterback in round 1 of the 2008 NFL Draft, I can’t ignore it either. The Jets could take the highest rated QB in the draft if he falls to them at the 6th overall pick. That would obviously be Matt Ryan of Boston College (yes it would be ironic). Ryan looks the part and does many things well while not excelling at any one aspect of the game. He doesn’t have a rocket arm and his smarts and leadership are his best features – characteristics that sound familiar since that is how scouts described Chad Pennington coming out of Marshall. There are other possibilites and some intriguing ones at that if Jets trade down and acquire more picks. There is Louisville’s Brian Brohm, Michigan’s Chad Henne, and Delaware’s Joe Flacco. Brohm’s ranking seemed to be fluctuating but he is back on the rise but not as fast as Henne’s improved stock. Flacco is the biggest in terms of size and arm strength but Delaware doesn’t exactly have the same caliber of opponents.

The real x-factor will be the Jets actual plans. Do they want a third high profile signal caller? After all we’re just two years removed from Kellen Clems second round selection and anointment as QB of the future behind a very expensive Chad Pennington. If Jets go Matt Ryan at 6 that will be a huge financial commitment to an already inflated position – economically speaking. Does that mean the Jets would trade Chad Pennington? If so he would be a hot commodity as there are no QB’s nearly as accomplished as Chad available now and plenty of teams could be helped by his upgrade. Imagine how much better Adrian Peterson and the Vikings would be with Chad under center running his textbook playfakes. Personally, I feel we can’t afford to let Chad go now. Either he’ll beat out Clemens and start for us or he will be a great back-up. I think Jets would be better served letting Clemens have a real chance to succeed before cutting bait. He still has the natural ability but 8 games hardly qualifies as enough experience to determine if he has the chops or not. If they want a developmental prospect for third string maybe Hawaii’s Colt Brennan in 6th or 7th round would be the one to target.

Speaking of prospects we learned today from the Newark Star Ledger that the Jets will be entertaining a host of the nation’s best before the draft and maybe, just maybe, a few future Jets will be among them.

We also have this little nugget to digest coming out of – well, hopefully Denver. It is being speculated that a deal between the Denver Broncos and Dewayne Robertson has been reached and all that remains is the announcement of the trade compensation with Jets possibly getting two day 2 draft picks as was initially agreed to by the Cincinnati Bengals before they reneged. Right now the Broncos own picks in the 4th, 5th and 6th rounds so any combination of two of those picks would signify a triumphant deal for Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum – who is building a case for GM of the year with his offseason moves. Now all Jets have to do is make the playoffs.