Feb 20, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; New York Jets general manager John Idzik speaks during a press conference during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Thoughts on the 2014 New York Jets' Draft Class

Now that the dust has settled on the 2014 NFL draft, and we can look back without the event still going on, let’s start.

First, we know we can’t “really” evaluate a draft class this quickly. It generally takes three years to give a full evaluation of a group of college draftees. That being said, we know that the balance of what we are doing here is speculation. But, it is still fun to do so anyway.

John put together an interesting mix of players. I say interesting because he was always able to hit positions of need, yet stay with guys high on his board as well. He was able to add wide receivers, like Shaquelle Evans and Jalen Saunders. What he DIDN’T do, was add the players that we thought he would bring. How many of you were nervous when Odell Beckham went off the board? I know I was.

So it may sound minor, but it is far from minor. John Idzik has an innate ability to keep to his board, yet fill needs at the same time.

There are questions? Are these receivers going to be the ones that stretch the field? You can have a million weapons for the 15 yard crossing pattern, but if the defense is not scared of defending anybody deep, those weapons will be much less effective. Jalen Saunders is a physical receiver, which will help at the NFL level. I just hope they have someone that go push the football down the field.

Obviously, the Tajh Boyd pick is an interesting one. Some have said that his arm was the best available in this year’s draft. It does show that not everyone in the organization is thrilled with Geno Smith, and thinks he is the guy going forward. I actually am OK with going about it like this. Boyd is not going to me an imminent takeover, but Geno will know he is there. Tajh Boyd will help serve as the necessary motivation for Geno’s getting better.

Finally, does this class add enough in terms of depth. Look at the offensive line for a minute. We know as well as anyone that the Jets have had problems when starters have gone down from the offensive line. It’s been pretty bad. But, they only add one lineman, and Jace Amaro but he isn’t known for his blocking.

I reserve judgement for after the UDFA’s are invited to camp.

What are some of your concerns?  How about positives?

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  • Paul Newbold

    I personally like the draft. While Idzik didn’t make a lot of noise, he did stay methodical, he showed patience, and met his needs. I do think Rex has his hand print all over this draft, they obviously allowed him his defensive picks throughout this one! The team’s roster now has a ton more talent on it then it did last season, let’s see what they can get out of them. Idzik’s picks have some questioning the mid round selections, we’ll have to wait and see how those mid rounderss hold up through camp! If I was forced to give a grade at this point, I guess it would be B-, pending player development in the months ahead. Go Jets!!

  • Frank Antonelli

    What really impresses me about the Jets draft and free agent signings from the last two years is that the players that they selected will allow them to play multiple sets on offense and defense. Jets had a limited answer in the recent past to when the opposing offenses went to:

    (1) 2 TE sets
    (2) The spread

    Now they can defend those formations in a more efficient and effective manner.

    And on offense, the Jets can now run two TE sets, including the spread or a two slot WR spread. They also have a much more effective running game based on the level of talent they acquired over the past 2 years.

    These drafts and free agency have allowed them the ability to play with plenty of different looks on offense and have several different answers to offenses, on defense. For example:

    (1) Their 3-3-5 and 4-3 cover two got much better through the draft. Pryor can play a rover safety in the 3-3-5 better than anyone who was in the draft.
    (2) They also picked up a 4-3 type OLB to rotate with Ballore in the 4-3 and 3-3-5 defenses that use 3 LB’s.

    These two years Idzik has really made the Jets an incredibly difficult team to gameplan against. I believe between Ryan and MM they have the coaches to take advantage of this new flexibility and translate it into wins.

    • Paul Newbold

      Interesting view Frank. I like the draft overall, but still have my concerns. I’m not thrilled with what day 3 produced. Dozier being the exception, I think he’s the diamond in the bunch. I see the LB’s they drafted as more of the special teams guys then potential starters. The WR’s will improve the offense, but the group they drafted doesn’t seem to have any huge upside. I don’t know what it is, but I feel Idzik could have come away with much more talent, considering he had 12 picks at his disposal and a bunch of flexibility. This is a draft we’ll have to wait to truly judge. Here’s hoping!

      • RONBO19

        Paul, you know I lov ya bro but how can you like this draft. We had 12 picks and got two likely starters, two major question marks (yes with potential but definitely not ready for prime time!) and a bunch of guys that probably wont make the team.I loved Saunders & Evans as 6th rounders (where they were projected) but nobody had either of them going before that range.

        • Paul Newbold

          Ron, they missed the mark without a doubt. I love the first two picks, solid, huge upside for both, both defense and offense improve. After that they began to loose me. Its not a horrendous draft, but they missed the chance to radically impact this team. 12 picks in a historically deep draft, I’m disappointed, but still hopeful.

    • RONBO19

      Frank, this is one of those times where I hope you are right and i am dead wrong! I hate this draft as to me idzik’s insistence to go against the grain by choosing players most of us have never heard of (in most cases for good reason as the experts basically felt they were un-draftable!)and choosing instead slow footed,undersized projects that have little to no up-side? If you look at last years draft disaster where our 3rd round pick was awful, or 5th & 6th round picks were so disappointing they spent the entire season inactive and our 7th round pick was the voted the worst player at his position in the entire NFL?. Now we add a 5-11 235 lb MLB who runs a 5.2, 40? a 5-11 280 lb DE-OLB who also ran a 5.25 40? How many successful guys like that can you name in todays NFL which is dominated by speed? Our 3rd round pick played in a predominantly zone scheme and strictly off coverage when they did go man to man.In a Rex Ryan defense corners need to press to stop the short passes and this kid has zero experience doing that? Based on what I’ve seen so far this guy is in way over his head!

      • Frank Antonelli

        Your comments are similar to what the so called “experts” said about the last 3 Seahawk drafts. They turned out pretty well for the Seahawks.

        I think everyone who was up in arms at the beginning of free agency should have listened to Bill Polian who knows more about developing a winning organization then anyone on here:

        “The first thing I would say to Jets fans is relax, there’s a long way to go between now and September,” said former Bills, Panthers and Colts general manager Bill Polian, who is now an ESPN analyst. “That’s point No. 1. Secondly, there’s plenty of time to participate in the secondary free-agent market, which is very often the most efficient and advantageous. That’s still to come.”

        Polian, who built six teams that went to Super Bowls, said throwing dollars at big-named players rarely solves a team’s problems.

        “History shows that the teams that make the biggest splashes early in free agency frequently bottom out,” Polian said.

        The bottom line is that Idzik wants to recreate what he saw with the Seahawks, where draft picks became the core of a Super Bowl team. If you don’t like that approach and prefer the Tanny way then I can’t help you. If you can’t see that he has improved this team by adding Decker, Vick, Johnson and 12 draft picks then I can’t help you either.

        • RONBO19

          Frank, If you know anything about me you know I was no fan of Mike Tannenbaum. As a 37 year season ticket holder and life long jet fan all i want is to win a freak’n Superbowl. My problem with this new administration is simple: I don’t see anything Idzik has done,or not done that makes me think he has an eye for talent? Having come aboard ln Jan. of 2013 he walked into salary cap hell.His hands were literally tied and he was forced to basically implement the organizational plan to dump the older expensive free agents and bring in a bunch of hold the fort guys to fill in.I get that. The problem is last years draft provided one excellent player, two potential long term starters in Milliner & Geno and after that group, not much else as Winters & Bohanon were voted the worst players at their respective positions and Oboushi & Campbell were totally unprepared to play last year.This year we draft two likely starters in the first two rounds, then we over-draft the next 9 players and more importantly we pass on players that most experts felt were better players and better fits for our scheme. I think we hired another bean counter who is just in over his head. But i will say this, I like your style and i hope you are right and I am wrong. I’ve been married 35 years to the same woman and according to her; I’m always wrong so obviously, i have no problem being wrong!!!! GO JETS!!!!

          • Frank Antonelli

            Jesus man you are way too negative. Idzik has done a great job cleaning up the mess left by Tanny. Over the previous few years Tanny mortgaged our future and left
            us with a roster without any playmakers and depth and I don’t think you can just say anybody would have been able to do it. He brought a professionalism that was sorely lacking in the organization. He stopped the leaks, reined in Rex making him more effective and drafted 5 starters in his first draft who have potential regardless of your negative view of them. Your assessment of him as a bean counter is so way off base as to be ridiculous. You’ve obviously been listening to the clown media again. He was the first one to view the potential in Pryor. He attends more college games and does more scouting than any other GM in the league. Get your facts straight before you spew your negativity on this board.

          • RONBO19

            Frank, Sorry to see you cant hold up your end in a civil discussion as I enjoy a stimulating debate once in a while. If pointing out what i see as mistakes is being negative, well o.k call me negative. If you want to give Idzik all the credit for cleaning up the salary cap mess following the 2012 season, in spite of the fact that Mike Tannenbaum detailed the exact plan on Randy’s Radar before he was fired and again shortly after he was fired in more detail, fine.Believe what you choose. My assessment of him as a bean counter is simply based on the fact that that is exactly what he was in Seattle,A cap guy like Tannenbaum. Again, if you think a draft that produced only one sure fire standout is a great draft, well, good for you. hey i acknowledge Milliner has the talent to be a good corner.he better be because we picked him with the 9th pick in that draft in spite of the fact he had already had 7 surgical procedures and was still recuperating from his most recent following his final game. As for Geno its apparent the organization is not sold on him as the Michael Vick signing makes that clear. I dont think either of us needs to get their facts straight frank. Like most fans we see things differently. Yes I’m impatient because I’m tired of us getting our butts kicked,tired of being embarrassed by butt fumbles,guys getting arrested passed out drunk or stoned in a car with illegal hand guns found in the trunk, and I’m tired of being pushed around on the field by better players. Like I said above bro, i just want to win. I don’t care who’s right or wrong in our petty disagreement. I’ll be fine with being proven wrong and I’ll be the first to congratulate you if you are right.

          • Maxwell Joice

            I have very mixed feelings on this draft, which I feel was strong up top, solid on the back end, but head-scratching in the middle rounds, but I will say this…calling last year’s draft a failure is waaaay premature. If all we get is 3 long term starters, one of whom is on a trajectory that suggests he may be positionally elite (Boss Hogg), and some depth guys, that’s actually considered a decent haul. An average draft nets 3 long term starters. If either Winters, Aboushay, or Campbell ever become capable starters, than 2013 goes from an average draft to a damn good one. I guess, my larger point is that it’s simply too early to determine whether or not Idzik has an eye for talent. I have been encouraged by some of his moves, both in the draft and in FA, and less enthused with others. It’s a mixed bag so far. But he also is clearly taking the long view, building deliberately, and as a result it will be a few seasons before we can make any kind of definitive statements on his ability as a GM.

          • RONBO19

            Max, thanks for your calm level headed assessment of the 2013 draft.Please allow me to elaborate why i feel the way i do about that draft. The Milliner pick scared me because he’d had so many surgeries. That has to scare you because surgeries turn into arthritic conditions that limit a players ability to perform at his max. Now when that occurs is open to debate but the cumulative effect of injuries is certainly not. But like you yes I believe he can be a very good player.Obviously Richardson is a no- brain’er although I will happily admit i was not a fan of that pick initally as I loved N.D. T.E Tyler Eifert. Again, happy to admit i was wrong. I had no problem with the Geno pick as we clearly needed a QB and he was the best available but in keeping it real, he has accomplished little at this point.Obviously that can change and i hope it does. I hated the Winters pick because it was based only on potential and required a position change. So far that pick looks pretty bad as he was rated at the very bottom at his position. Yes, he may improve but so far,not so good.Ditto 7th round pick Tommy Bohanon who had a poor combine running a 4.9 and a 5.1 40. yes, it’s not a track meet but those were off. lineman times. My fears were confirmed as he was also ranked at the bottom. I realize guys improve but numbers don’t lie and slow footed players are not usually successful in the NFL these days. As for Oboushi who had a dreadful Sr. season and a worse SR.Bowl week of practice followed by a poor game,followed by 9 reps @225lbs and a 5.3 40 at the combine i just cant image him turning into a NFL player? Ditto Campbell who also changed positions and from what I’ve read has not progressed either?

          • Frank Antonelli

            Well one thing is for sure Idzik would never bring in the likes of Tebow and Holmes.

          • RONBO19

            Frank, yeah i agree Izzy is too smart to do anything like that. But lets not forget though that he did bring in Mike Goodson from the Raiders inspite of the problems that led to Oakland letting him walk away. We all know how well that worked out as it looks like the D.A in N.J feels they have too strong of a case to even allow a plea deal that Goodson’s attorneys would take. I doubt very much we will see any more of goodson in a Jet uniform.