2014 NFL Draft: Where do the Jets Go in the First Round?

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Feb 20, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; New York Jets general manager John Idzik speaks during a press conference during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We are just a shade over two weeks away from the NFL draft. May 8 will be upon us before we know it, and all eyes will be on Radio City Music Hall, and all of our eyes will be on John Idzik and company as he works to shape the 2014 New York Jets’ roster. This will be our “lifeline”, so we know John Idzik has planned quite a bit for this draft.

As the draft approaches, we will continue to analyze mock drafts, release our own mock drafts, and evaluate players that the Jets’ have shown interest in. Of course we are going to do that, it’s fun to speculate, play scout, ..etc. But, we are also going to start drawing some conclusions. It’s time to start to at least attempt to figure out John Idzik’s plan for this draft.

This morning we are going to take a look at the first round. Opening night of the draft is in the spotlight, and more specifically, how are the Jets going to use the pick? Will they be going after an offensive or defensive player with the first round choice?

I will give you the argument for choosing an offensive player, the argument against, the argument for choosing a defensive player, the argument against, and my view.


The most popular opinion is for the Jets to go offense in the first round, either TE or WR, and with good reason. Anybody that watched our team last year knows, we didn’t exactly have an offense. We need players, ones that can make plays.

The Jets have been associated with a lot of these players so far. They have been linked with Eric Ebron, Odell Beckham, Mike Evans, and Brandin Cooks, among others. The draft is deep at the position, and the Jets need at the position is very deep. It seems like a match made in heaven.

AGAINST OFFENSE: The fact that the class of wide receivers is so deep is the exact reason some don’t want the Jets to choose one in the first round. If the Jets can go ahead and choose someone like a Jarvis Landry or a Jordan Matthews in the second and/or third round, why force a first round choice? You could fill another need in the first round and still fill your need for a playmaker later on.

If you can get Troy Niklas or C.J. Fiedorowicz in the second or third, why go crazy making a tight end the choice in the first? You could get say, a pass rusher in the first, or a corner, and then come back for a wide receiver.

So there is that argument.

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  • Jtomas ski

    My prediction first three picks:
    1. Odell Beckham (Trade up)
    2. Jason Verrett
    3. C J Fiedorowicz
    I would be thrilled with this even though it’s highly unlikely Verrett would be there when we pick in the second.

  • Paul Newbold

    I can follow both arguments. Obviously we have needs on both sides of the ball. You lost me with your view however. You say we must go offense solely because our offense was so dismal last season. And because Rex is such a great defensive coach, that he can coach up a lesser corner, better then Marty could a lesser WR. I’d counter that the Jets have yet to “coach up” a corner to take the spot, as they allowed Cro to play hurt throughout the season. Walls has clearly been put in a back up role by Ryan. Patterson is a new addition, but with his history of injuries, they surely can’t depend on him to hold the fort down! On the offensive side, our WR group was so poor last season that anyone the Jets pick at the wide position group into the third round is an upgrade. I think Idzik will go defense and finish off the defensive rebuild he started last season. A corner in the first, our future OLB in the second, WR in the third. OL, TE, WR in the fourth.
    The defensive secondary gets another infusion of young talent, they improve the LB corp, adding a pass rusher and the defense is solid going forward. Then if they choose they have 10 remaining picks to improve the offense. Its a deep WR draft, find some talent to develop, they can find a true #1 receiver in the 2015 draft. With the addition of Decker and to some degree Ford via free agency, the pressing need for a WR from the first round lessened to some degree. They upgraded their offense in free agency, while they weakened an already struggling secondary through the process. I see them balancing out the equation.

    • RONBO19

      Paul, i agree it will be defense but unfortunately the reason they will do that is by necessity rather than good planning. As you and i have repeatedly said we should have taken care of the corner position in free agency as there were more than enough options out there and frankly, we blew it! With that said moving forward taking a corner only makes sense if the right one is available. Averaging out the consensus of what the so-called experts are saying only Dennard and Gilbert are ranked high enough to warrant picking at 18. Roby,Fuller and Varrett are other talented kids but most of what I’ve read predicts them late first to early 2nd round. So now do we compound the mistake we made in free agency and reaching for a corner, or do we take the WR or TE that we have rated much higher? If Idzik is truly gonna stick to his grand master plan, I’m thinking we take the best player regardless of position.

      • Paul Newbold

        There is always a trade down option available to them if they choose to not make a move up for Gilbert or Dennard. Staying at 18 might land them Dennard, but many mocks have Pittsburgh grabbing him just before we pick. If they need to move up, it wouldn’t require a big jump, thus not very expensive as far as picks go. Personally, I say you make the move and grab Dennard. If they decide to trade down to get their guy, they may be able to pick up an additional mid rounder. Do they take the “best player available” approach? It sound nice in theory, but I see corner outweighing such an approach. The Jet secondary is in shambles. Milliner should be ok, but not guaranteed by any means. Wilson is adequate in the slot, but has proven he’s not comfortable on the outside. Besides that the depth at the position is lacking starting talent. If by some miracle Watkins or Ebron is still there at 18, then the decision could get difficult, otherwise I think its a no brainer! Make whatever move you need to make to get to Rex’s guy!

        • RONBO19

          Paul, I do a lot of research each year on the draft and from what I’ve been able to determine I’m not sold on either Dennard (due to his lack of elite speed (4.59-4.61) at the combine plus the fact he did no better at his pro-day. As for Gilbert the book on him is he’s a gambler and take’s a lot of chances that might not be a good thing in Rex’s highly orchestrated defensive system. As for Robey from Ohio St., he was very up and down last year and I’ve read reports where he lacks discipline which again has to be a concern. Fuller from Va,Tech is a good over all corner but again, some (Gil Brandt for one, say he’s just a tad below optimum athletically and coverage wise to be a top tier corner. Varrett is on the smaller side and his man to man coverage ability’s have been mentioned by several of the so-called experts that populate the airways this time of year. So if none of these guys is a sure thing, i’m not sure it’s a good idea to trade up for any of them.Obviously,none of us has a crystal ball so we really don’t know just how good any of these kids will turn out to be. But I just don’t see the need to trade up.But I agree we need a top corner as I cant see patterson holding up for a whole season even if he turns out to be a better player than we expect him to be.

          • Paul Newbold

            I’d rather not see them move up for a corner either. They have a decent shot at landing Dennard staying at #18. They don’t necessarily need a pro bowl caliber corner, but they need one to start from the gate. I have little confidence in anyone currently on the roster to man the position. I have researched the secondary draft myself, I started out the offseason suggesting they might make a defensive pick in Ha Ha Dix at safety, and was quickly executed by fellow fans! Dennard is probably the best fit in my opinion, he’s big and physical, which Rex loves in his corners. I agree the elite speed isn’t there, I was highly surprised by his times, as I thought he played faster than that in college. If they were to wait until the second, then they would likely need to make a move up to get to Verrett, who despite his size has a great skill set. The Jets have reportedly had a big interest in Roby, but I think that would be a mistake, the size and speed are adequate, but as you pointed out, his play was inconsistent and attitude might need an adjustment. So, as I see it you either make the move in the first and grab Dennard or the second and grab Verrett.
            If they were able to trade down, pick up another draft pick, and grab someone like Verret would be an ideal situation. I get your point at CB, the Jets blew it in Free Agency and now they have to take the best available corner to fill the need! It shouldn’t have come to this in my opinion.

          • RONBO19

            Amen brother, they certainly did blow the our best chance to fortify the corner position and maintain the flexibility in the draft. No question they will address corner in either round 1 or 2 as they left themselves in a bad spot. Personally, I don’t get all the pro Idzik stuff on these blogs because when you look at what he has done,or not done to date, its not all that impressive. I keep hearing about his great master plan but to my way of thinking, if it doesn’t involve improving the talent base, I don’t see anything at this point to inspire that confidence? Hey, he implemented the exact off-season plan last year Tanny had outlined on Randy’s Radar long before any of us ever heard of John Idzik. So to credit him for that is not a valid point. His draft last year was so-so at best as we only have one sure bet in Richardson as of this moment. Two or three others have shown potential but they all struggled for the majority of their rookie seasons.The other three were awful so lets not put Idzik’s bust in Canton just yet. Hey, I hope he succeeds because I’m tired of loosing but again, he’s done little to inspire any confidence to this point.

          • Paul Newbold

            I tried hard to follow Idzik, I think he may be taking the Jets in the right direction for a change. I liked last year’s draft, but yes its too early to truly judge. They didn’t do well after the front end of the draft however, and ideally that’s where you develop talented depth from. This season’s Free Agency has been a puzzle to me, I’m still shaking my head over some of the signings. The current corner situation only makes sense to me if it was the plan all along to go CB in the first. Instead of paying a top veteran, top money, they chose to go corner again and complete the secondary rebuild? I’m at a loss to explain it any other way. In all fairness, its too early to grade out last year’s draft and it’s too early to judge Idzik. This year’s draft is huge for the Jets, John Idzik, Rex Ryan, and the fanbase. Not very often do you get the chance to go into the draft with 12 picks in hand. They still have flexibility with that many picks, I think we’ll get to see the “creative” side of Idzik. Either way they go about it, this draft will be scrutinized for years to come. The success or failure of it may affect some folks job security in the end.