The Continuing Saga of the Mark Sanchez and New York Jets Story

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Aug 17, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez warms up before the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John O

Note: Most of the fan base is not going to be a fan of this theory that I am going to pose.

So, the story that we all thought was going to be over, still goes on.

Mark Sanchez is still on the Jets’ roster. Earlier this week, was my erroneous report from a fake Twitter account that Mark was about to be released. Then, there was the report last night from the Raiders’ ESPN beat reporter that the team is ready to bring Mark when/if the Jets’ release him.

As true as that report seems to be, and as much as the fan base wants him out, Mark Sanchez is still here.  Could he still be released prior to being paid his bonus, due on March 25th?  Sure.  But, where are the other QB visits?  We aren’t hearing about many.

Has anyone considered the possibility that there is a reason Mark is still on the roster?  That reason?  That he is staying on the roster, and IS the veteran quarterback that the Jets are bringing into camp?

Before I go on, note that this is pure speculation on my part.  I have no inside knowledge on this, just looking at the circumstantial evidence that we have.

First, and most obvious again, he is still here.  I understand that if they are trying to save money, the Jets don’t HAVE  to release him until March 24th, with his roster bonus due to be awarded March 25th.  But, why wait?  If they want to get rid of him, wouldn’t it be the best for both sides to do it now?  The Jets open up the roster spot, and the cap room.  Mark Sanchez gets to shop his services around to the Raiders and all other teams.  What benefit is it to keep him around?

Why keep him around if they are going to replace him?  Think about it, you are Michael Vick, or Shaun Hill, or any other veteran quarterback.  You are being asked to come in and compete with Geno Smith.  But, Mark Sanchez is still on the roster.  You don’t know for sure that Mark will be cut, nothing is a guarantee until it happens.  Would you sign on for a three-way competition?  Probably not.

Keeping Mark Sanchez here is likely preventing them from signing another quarterback.  The Jets obviously would not want to do that…..unless Mark Sanchez is exactly who they WANT to keep around.

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  • Raiders4life

    The only problem is Mark Sanchez would rather start elsewhere then to ride the bench. He lacks weapons like he had when he first started with the jets. He would be good if with the raiders if Reggie can get a couple more playmakers

    • Paul Newbold

      Mark has stated repeatedly, that he’d like to stay in NY, remain a Jet and play in Marty’s system. The kid isn’t the greatest QB, but he knows there are very few places he can start, he’s not delusional! Best thing for his career would be to take a pay cut (he will even if signed elsewhere), stay where he knows the system and compete! Otherwise if he were to struggle with another team, it might just spell the end of a short career.

  • Vincent Hall

    Maybe they are going to give him what they said they would last season. A fair shot to compete for the job.

  • Keri McCartney Kennedy

    He’s the better QB of the two, he won the “competition” last year and he’d win it again this year. Talk is Idzik doesn’t want him here, because he WOULD beat Smith in the competition and Idzik doesn’t want that.

    • Paul Newbold

      Idzik has little invested in Geno. Yes his pick, but only a year removed, little money invested, and he could easily trade him if he decided to bail on the kid. Idzik has shown he’s all about competition, the best player on the field. I doubt he’s “protecting” Smith.

    • Steven Mitchell Feingold

      he absolutely sucks… he didnt win the competition last yr as you was at best a tie… Mark is absolutely awful, he is the epitomy of an overpaid, underachieving egomanical monkey who thinks he actually did something the first two yrs with the Jets.. The Jets won in spite of Mark, not cause of him.. he killed us in his 3rd and 4th yrs and will never be forgotten for hands down the worst fumble in football history. I dont have to mention it.. GENO won 8 games with no talent around him and a so so defense.. What did Mark do the previous two yrs with Defense and some talent…NOTHING.. Get this bum out of town… If Idzik keeps this kid around I’m going to rethink my allegiance to the Jets as ive been a fan since 73.. This kid has no business playing for the Jets anymore. Geno improved the last few games last yr and id rather see him make plays and run as he showed he could than watch Sancho fumble anything and everything and throw the ball up for grabs..The fact that Mark is on this team is dispiccable..We need a REAL BACKUP, not this little punk…Get rid of him please Idzik..

  • Paul Newbold

    I’ve suggested several times over the last couple months that the Jets might wind up keeping him. I am not a Sanchez fan by any means, but it could make sense if he re works that inflated contract. First he’s expressed a desire to stay and play or Marty. Secondly, Rex likes the guy. Third he has knowledge of the system. Fourth he may not be a starter, but should make a adequate backup. Fifth, if there is interest in Sanchez, you can always trade him during the camp or even the season. I know it sounds crazy, it sounded that way to me at first also, but the Jets have to look at it. Sanchez has proven he can win games…..that’s really all you need in a back up! Ofcourse if he doesn’t re work his deal….let the Raiders have him! lol

  • Lajetman

    Are you kidding me? The Jets finished 8-8 with a raw rookie and the worst offensive talent imaginable last year, after two 6-10 seasons with the horrendous Sanchez with better tools around him. Sanchez is an insult to the game. He has all kinds of legal problems in his past and probably future, is a medicated jerk, and has had a couple of surgeries. He is selfish and stupid, and doesn’t know how to dump the ball, throw it away, avoid a pick 6, or basically do ANYTHING a real NFL quarterback needs to do after 4 full years in the NFL. Geno was not very good his first few weeks, but he finished on a big up note. Anyone remember how Sanchez finished the 2011 and 2012 seasons, when they still had a shot at the playoffs? With four of the worst games any QB has ever played anywhere ever. Jesus, if the Jets think Sanchez competes for a spot on this roster, then Idzik is just as stupid as his predecessors. In his furst two years, Sanchez walked into a powerhouse team that wins one or two Super Bowls if they didn’t have a POS QB. He couldn’t command the resect of his teammates, went out and got as much female attention as possible during the season, showed up at practices looking like he’d slept an hour — the guy couldn’t even remember the plays he called — and thus the BUTTFUMBLE! If they don’t cut or trade this slime for some draft pick (or a bucket of horse urine) then I suggest rooting for the Jaguars this season. The Jets shoulda gone after Alex Smith or quality when they had a chance… but Woody and Rex are a couple of absolute dopes.

  • Paul Newbold

    Mark Sanchez. What to do with him? Fantasy Scenario…… Trade Sanchez, #18 and a 2nd rounder next season to the Raiders for their #5! The Raiders get a QB they reportedly want, the Jets rid themselves of one they may not want. The Raiders get an extra second rounder next season and the Jets move up to #5 and can go any direction they choose. They might even consider a QB…..would they dare use Geno as bait for the trade? Strictly Fantasy of course!! :)

  • AC

    I agree with LaJetman, most of the Sanchez fans only remember the good and forget the bad. Sure maybve he got a raw deal in 2011 and 2012, but the guy was never a stud. And after shoulder surgery on his THROWING arm, I doubt his accuracy or zip on the ball will be much improved. He has now spent a year out of football, and in no way can anyone justify what he is supposed to be paid. THANKS TANNY! But maybe, just maybe Idzik would keep him on as a backup just for the reason that there really are no good veteran options out there anymore. McCown signed before he got here. Hey, I’d rather live in Tampa riding the bench in the sunshine. IF an only IF Sanchez decides to take a massive pay cut will Idzik keep him. Rex has no say whatsoever in the matter. Idzik is not married to Geno or any other QB but he has shown enough to get another shot. Not sure if Fitzpatrick has been signed, but that is one option I would take as a backup over Sanchez, spend the money on defense and skill positions.