Sep 8, 2013; East Rutherford, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) before the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

Are the Oakland Raiders Ready to Build New York Jets West?

With the free agency news unfolding quickly, a certain plot has been unfolding that I can’t seem to shake. The Oakland Raiders could be in the early stages of a Jets West Rebuild. A team comprised of former Jets players in the mold of the Washington Redskins hijack a few years back which took four starting players from New York.

In this case, the Raiders could be receiving cast offs and not free agents that the team is actively trying to retain. If you want to look for a comeback team of 2014, look no further than Oakland. If…. (and this is a big if) the Raiders follow a free agency period that I’m imagining.

The Raiders are currently sitting at around 50 million in player salary. The current collective bargaining agreement requires that teams be at minimum of 89% of the max salary cap to maintain a competitive league. The only way at this point for the Raiders to reach the MINIMUM salary cap is to go spend big on free agents.

First free agent is a no brainer. Darrelle Revis, and his $16 million a year non-guaranteed salary provides an upgrade in a division that has super passing teams like Denver and San Diego. Next up is the reports you’ve read today that Austin Howard is visiting Oakland. Now they have potential starting RT and CB locked up. The Raiders could get into a bidding war with New York, and as we know GM Idzik is known for his frugality. I expect Howard to land in Oakland if he follows the money.

Last up is the potential stunner. Mark Sanchez is expected to be released by the Jets shortly. If that happens, expect Oakland who needs a starting QB to pounce on the California Kid. The Raiders could be able to throw money at Sanchez in an incentive laden deal, and I for one believe he might be able to deliver. Remember Sanchez’s days in USC, or the annual “Jets West” camp he was making guys go to? Now you have a starting QB, RT, and CB all reuniting in Oakland.

With the 5th pick in the 2014 draft Oakland is in prime position to get the biggest playmaker in this year’s draft Sammy Watkins. The teams above them either need a QB, or offensive line help. This could potentially give a run based, game managed offense in Oakland with Jennings and McFadden, a first-rate # 1 wide receiver to build around.

While I’m not going to say that Oakland is going to fly by the likes of Denver or even San Diego for that matter, I have seen what a good Jets team could do with a stellar defense, a good running game, and a young game managing Mark Sanchez at the helm.

Don’t be surprised if Oakland is this year’s worst to first success story. Also don’t be surprised to see Mark Sanchez throwing TD’s to Sammy Watkins, and people in New York saying “Guess we goofed on that one”. Like a bad suspense movie, you can already see the writing on the wall.

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  • Pridenpoise

    There’s no way the Raiders are interested in Sanchez, and I’ve heard overtures from Revis that he’s not interested in playing for the Raiders, and with that attitude we don’t want him, but we could grab Cromartie.

    • Vincent Hall

      As far as Revis, it would not have mattered in what he was interested in. The Raiders could have traded as little as a 5th round pick and the Bucs would have traded him. It would been out of his hands and the Raiders had the cap money. At this point since he’s been cut I would say Revis will not go to Oakland by choice. As far as Sanchez, he will definitely be in the NFL next season, and he could definitely start over Tyrelle Prior or Matt McGloin.

      • Pridenpoise

        Maybe you haven’t heard there’s a new GM in Oakland, and he’s not into dropping 16 million on a CB, and if Sanchez is so good why are the Jets not keeping him. As for him starting over McGloin, I doubt it, McGloin has played exactly eight games behind a patchwork O-line, if given a chance behind a decent line, which the Raiders look to be trying to assemble he might just succeed. Sanchez is just another washout, and he’s had 4 years to prove himself.

        • Paul Newbold

          Sanchez is a decent QB, better than most give him credit for! He had no weapons to throw to in NY, the offensive line was dismal in pass and run blocking, and he suffers from hugely bad press coming out of NY! Look, he’s no Manning or anything, but he has the tools to win, he’s proven that (two yrs running AFC Championship games), and great runs through both of those playoff years. Sanchez also endured three different offensive coordinators in NY. I’d like to see the Jets re work that ridiculous contract and keep him myself. He’ll be cut though, and the Raiders could do a lot worse then sign Sanchez!

          • Pridenpoise

            The reason the Jets did so well going to the AFC championship games those two years was because of their defence, Sanchez was asked to be a game manager, which he was ok at, but the minut the Jets started to lose some talent, Sanchez was exposed, the Raiders don’t need another QB who is below average, we’ve already got them on our roster. If Sanchez was any good they’d keep him.

          • Paul Newbold

            Actually the Jets might. All I’m saying is Sanchez isn’t as bad as his reputation leads you to believe. The two AFC games and the play off runs leading up to them were as you say, “game management”. Sanchez had receivers to throw to, a fairly good TE and an awesome running game to support him. After that final AFC game, the Jets stripped him of all that! You say he was exposed. I think he was left high and dry with no talent around him to succeed! Hell, the very best QB would have looked terrible with that kind of talent! Truly, Mark will never be a “franchise QB”, but he still has a future in the league, he’ still a young player.

          • Pridenpoise

            Listen, I’m a die hard USC fan so you don’t have to convince me how good Sanchez is when he’s surrounded by talent, I’ve been following his career for longer than you have, I’m sure. But there’s no denying that his transition to the NFL has been mediocre at best, it was because of all the talent Sanchez looked so good, as I said I’m not a Sanchez hater, he’s just not a good fit for the Raiders. Maybe he needs a change if scenery but not in Oakland.

          • Paul Newbold

            Not much left out there in FA, maybe you see Vick as a better fit? lol Good luck with the Raiders next season. Hopefully both our teams can fix the QB position this time around!

    • Paul Newbold

      Comartie’s legs and hips are a problem, if they sign him,,,it should only be on the cheap. He might not make it out of camp this season!

  • Bob


  • Angel

    Bring him in. I’d take him over Scaub, as I think Schaub is garbage. I’d take him over all except for Vick. If we HAD to choose I meant.

    • Paul Newbold

      Vick is toast!!