Feb 22, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins speaks at the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Trade Scenario for Jets to Trade Up and Get Sammy Watkins in the NFL Draft

Let’s have a little bit of fun as we look forward to the NFL draft this May.

We know how John Idzik feels about draft picks. They are the “lifeline” of a team that is building sustainable success. The more draft picks the better, as the Seahawks have shown in building their championship team. The Patriots taught the world the same thing.

With all that, it is not likely that John Idzik will move the team up too far on draft day.

However, what if Sammy Watkins is the exception to John Idzik’s rule?  Could he be high enough on the Jets’ draft board to be worth a trade?  And if so, could it be done for a reasonable price?

If you believe the reports during the Combine, the Jets had multiple meetings planned with Sammy Watkins.  That is not typical of a team doing simple due diligence.   A player is met with multiple times when the team wants to acquire that player.  So clearly, the Jets are interested in Sammy Watkins.

Our own JETSerious explored this possibility several days ago.  I took a look at the idea as well and had some ideas to make this possible, and not cripple the 2014 draft either.

The frame of reference is the trade value chart for draft picks, seen by clicking here.  This chart reflects the point value assigned to every draft pick, and it is what the teams use to determine the value of their picks, and therefore, the equity of proposed trades.  It serves as the reference for this article.

The earliest Sammy Watkins seems to be going in the mock drafts is fourth, to the Cleveland Browns.  So, let’s look at that pick.  The pick is worth 1,800 points, so the Jets would have to construct an offer that comes close to 1,800 draft points to make it worth it to the Browns.

First, the Jets would give their first round choice, the 18th overall, which is worth 900 points. Add their third round pick, the 80th overall choice, which is worth 190 points. So far, the Jets are offering(in this scenario) 1,090 draft value points.

Now, we make up the difference with the 2015 draft. The Jets would give the Browns their 2015 first round choice, and a conditional third rounder. What would the conditions be? If the Jets make the playoffs, they would add the third rounder, if not, they don’t. The value of the first round pick of a playoff team, per the chart, goes from 800-590, so if the Jets were in the 2014 playoffs, the pick would not likely be worth enough to equal the value of pick four. So, the third rounder would come in to balance things out.

This doesn’t cripple the Jets’ for 2014 either. Losing two picks would not do that, since the Jets are likely to have 12 picks as it stands right now, with four of them being compensatory, therefore not tradable. Leaving themselves with ten picks is not a lost cause.

So, the Jets could make this move, and not cripple the draft in either season. It’s not likely, knowing John Idzik as we do, but it’s possible. What do you guys think?

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  • Paul Newbold

    Insane idea….. a first in 2014, a third in 2014 and then the same in 2015 if the Jets were to make the playoffs? That would basically cut you out of first round talent or two years running! Yes, Watkins is an elite type wide receiver, with a ton of talent and a huge upside, but you can’t surrender your future to draft a kid who may touch the ball maybe 10 times a game. Trade up to get a QB who touches the ball every down maybe, but for a WR, at that cost, insane! Just ask TB if they would repeat the Revis deal! They missed out on a Richardson, and still have to hand us a third rounder this year. Revis is talented, but again the number of times he impacts the game is limited. I KNOW we got the better of that deal!!

    • RONBO19

      Paul, i agree 100% Surrendering 4 out of 9 premium picks for 1 player is nuts! This is the type of move a team like S.F.,Carolina or Denver can afford to make because their rosters are already full of talent.Those teams as well as a few others can afford to look for plug & play guys to fill holes to get them over the top.The jets on the other hand have major holes at many positions like WR,TE,OLB,S,QB,Ol plus we are lacking depth at almost every position.If we have a great draft this year plus sign a few key free agents we might actually contend this season for a playoff spot.We might end up in a position like Cincinnati and Carolina wound up this past season: .Greatly improved
      but not quite ready for prime time. Patience is the key here.We all want to win it all now but it will likely take just a little longer.

      • Alan Schechter

        Fair….just wanted to float an idea for discussion.

      • Paul Newbold

        I agree RONBO. Hopefully the win now philosophy is finally dead in Jet Nation! Idzik appears to be “building” a team rather than buying stars to have on the team. I think as Jet fans we need to sit back an allow him to build a contender. They are in a great position to improve this roster via the draft an some mid level FA talent. The playoffs could be in reach if they do exactly that.

    • Alan Schechter

      Fair enough guys….just an idea to float out there for discussion

  • Van Hazard

    Worse than insane!! Irresponsible. The Jets have too many needs to squander so many picks to move up to get Watkins, especially in a draft so rich in quality WR’s. Watkins may be the best, but not by all that much. Besides, the Jets don’t need just one great receiver that opposing DC’s can take out of games, they need several quality receivers to give Marty and Geno play-making options. IF Jets do move up, then it should be only a few slots to maybe grab an Ebron or Evans. And In no way can they give up their top pick next year. They will need those tops picks next year to finish assembling a truly competitive team.

  • Aaron Johnson

    stay @ 18 . too much talent down the draft to squander valuable pics on one very pricey talent.

  • Bennny K

    Thruthfully I would love to see us trade out of the 1st with our #18 and 4th round #14 with SF and pick up their 2nd round #24, #29 and 3rd round #13, # 30. That would give us 3 in the second, 4 in the third.

    • RONBO19

      Benny, why? Why would we do that when we already have 12 picks in this draft.There is a limited amount teams can spend on rookies as we need to also concentrate on retaining our own free agents as well as trying to sign a few from other teams as well. As this is considered one of the best drafts depth wise in over 10 years,we a already well positioned to make our move. I have state here seveal times that last years draft was not nearly as good as Rex stated.We got one player(Richardson) who is a stud.2 players who might turn out to be very good(Geno,& Milliner) and one guy who is a project(Winters).The other three picks are very doubtful at best.So we need to do a much better job “picking the groceries” this time.That will be the key!

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