What would it take for the New York Jets to trade up in the 2014 NFL Draft?

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Let’s tell it how it is…

larry-fitzgeraldThe majority of Jets Nation would like to see the Jets use all of the 8-12 draft choices they will have in this year’s draft. There’s nothing wrong with this philosophy, by the way. But the Jets are lacking a true #1 receiver. Staying put at 18th overall could jeopardize their chances of landing such a talent. When you think about elite #1 receivers around the league, you think Calvin Johnson. You think AJ Green, Dez Bryant, Larry Fitzgerald, or even Josh Gordon.

The depth at the wide receiver position in this years draft is deep. With that said, the difference between Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans is big, in my opinion.

Sammy Watkins is the next Larry Fitzgerald. He’s likely the best weapon the Jets could add to help surround Geno Smith. Besides the fact that your giving up valuable draft picks, it is worth the risk in this day in age. The CBA and salary cap implications give teams the opportunity to sign draft picks to a deal using the rookie wage scale. That means Watkins would only be paid up to $15 Million over four years (with a fifth year option).

So what would it take for the Jets to trade up?

According to ESPN’s NFL Draft Value Chart, the Jets would have to give up their 1st rd. pick (#18), 2nd (#49) 3rd rd. pick (Revis trade #69), and 5th (#142) rd. pick, and *6th rd. pick (#178).

*Keep in mind that the Jets could opt to trade one of the picks above in the 2015 NFL Draft, rather than this year’s draft.

After adding all of the points for the picks listed above, the Jets  trade value is around 1612. The total required for the 6th overall pick is 1600. It’s a lot to give up, without a doubt.

Yeah, five players should have a bigger impact than one, but you don’t come across a Larry Fitzgerald-type-talent very often. Last year’s 8th overall pick was a speedster who’s draft stock sky-rocketed days before the draft, in Tavon Austin. But he isn’t a true #1 receiver like Julio Jones or AJ Green, who are the only noticeable top picks (WR) in the past few drafts. Sammy Watkins is a lot like Julio Jones. The Falcons gave up a lot to draft Jones in the 2011 NFL Draft, but do you really think Atlanta regrets the trade? I highly doubt it.

If you think about certain drafts like the 2009 and 2013 NFL Draft, the first round talents in those classes were atrocious compared to the 2011 NFL Draft class. The 2009 wide receivers were Michael Crabtree, Darrius Heyward-bey, and Percy Harvin. None of these wide outs are elite #1 receivers. The 2013 draft had Tavon Austin, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Deandre Hopkins; none of which are elite #1 receivers either, in my opinion.

What’s my point?


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