Cleveland Browns vs New York Jets Quick Hits

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New York Jets v Detroit Lions

4) Secondary does good job on Josh Gordon in the 1st half - Dee Milliner wasn’t perfect but he was pretty good in the 1st half covering Gordon with safety help. Gordon had two catches for 30 yards only beating Milliner badly on a double move for 24 yards which Gordon repeated in the 2nd half. Milliner was there on coverage on consecutive fade routes during a key goal line stand. Milliner also intercepted his 1st pass in the 3rd quarter thwarting the Browns as they were driving into scoring territory. Gordon had 6 catches for 97 yards on the day including some in garbage time. He was not the dominating presence that most feared he would be. Cromartie did a decent job as well as Greg Little only has one catch for four yards in the 1st half. Cooper has some key 3rd down catches and three catches for 24 yards. Ed Reed finished off a strong game with an interception to seal it with 1:46 remaining.

5) Offensive line terrific - The offensive line put together their best game of the season against the league’s 9th ranked defense. They allowed 0 sacks so far and led the way for 220 yards rushing. Other than a bad Brian Winters penalty that negated a long Ivory run the line was pretty much flawless in their execution. Smith had time to set his feet and no feel pressure and the results was better quarterback play.

5) Folk misses 1 + Quigley and the punt coverage team are not good – Folk hit a 21 yard field goal to close the 1st half then missed a 49 yarder in the 3rd quarter when he hit the upright. Quigley had a bad punt inside the 20 that was returnable for 10 yards and his second punt was 50 yards but too low allowing a 26 yard return. The return team was not attacking the right angles or tackling especially well either. The kickoff return team allowed a 50 yard return right after the Jets took their 1st lead.

6) Pre Game report - Jay Glazer on Fox reported that Rex Ryan told the team that the “word on the street” was that he was going to be fired and asked the team to fight with him the last two weeks. Could have been more of a motivational ploy than hard truth but who knows.



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