Jets at the NFL Trade Deadline 2013: Should They Acquire Josh Gordon?

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Oct 13, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon (12) against the Detroit Lions during the second quarter at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

John Idzik has an eye for the NFL draft. He has stated how important the draft is to him on many occasions, and this past April, he showed us all why. Five out of seven of his choices are starting, and making sizeable contributions right now. You could say that they are a good part of the reason that the Jets are overachieving according to many.

The draft is important to him, and he uses it well. We have talked many times about how the team we are chasing, the Patriots, have used the draft to their distinct advantage. The Jets finally have a guy that can do the same, why give up draft picks if they don’t have to?

Secondly, the kid is only 22 years old. Other than Jordan Cameron, Josh Gordon is the only legit threat the Browns have, especially now that Trent Richardson has been dealt to the Colts. The only guy on offense that is even recognizable is a thirty something running back named Willis McGahee. You would think that Gordon would be a guy that the Browns want to build around, not send away, wouldn’t you? There has to be a reason why they want him out.

Josh has had some trouble in his past. He was suspended while at Baylor for failing a drug test and testing positive for marijuana. He was suspended for the first two games on the current NFL season after violating the drug policy. Do the Jets really need a guy with character issues in their locker room?

There is something to be said for an underrated group of players growing together. Yes, this group is not as well thought of as many others around the league. This is not in dispute. But, what also is not in dispute is that they are growing. This group is making the catches that need to be made, and are acquitting themselves quite well as Geno grows and develops.

They also have something good going on as far as chemistry. It’s clear that this is a close-knit group. They have each other’s backs, and they don’t quit. It would be far from the first time that a group not expected to do very much, accomplishes great things, because of their unique chemistry. Why not let this group of younger players grow together on offense? A player with character issues, no matter how good he is, can cause more problems than he solves.

Bottom line to me is this. Do the Jets need help at the position of wide receiver? Sure. Is Josh Gordon the guy that the Jets need to acquire. Not necessarily.

What do you guys think?

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