Geno Smith: The Good and The Bad – What Does The Film Say?

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The Bad -

The bad starts on the same drive as the 27 yard completion to Holmes in which Geno took that shot.  Here 3rd and 7 at the goal line  the Jets come out in a 4 WR shotgun set with an empty backfield.  Immediately what I noticed is that Stephen Hill is open right away for a quick strike over the middle for what would most certainly be a TD strike (then again you never know with Stephen Hill).  

Geno All-22 -6


Geno misses Hill here for an easy TD but instead decides to leave the pocket at an attempt at making a play.  Smith has to go with his first read and not second guess himself and question his abilities.  It seemed he lacked confidence here to make that quick throw to Hill but instead chose to panic and leave the pocket in an attempt at making a play, truly a move he didnt have to make.  Hill has to learn he has to take what the defense gives him and in this case the defense gave him that inside pass to Hill for the quick TD. Geno is kicking himself in film study after this one no doubt.


Geno All-22 -7



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  • Gavin Buck, London (UK)

    Great look at Geno. Thanks for this.

    I am ok with him making these mistakes in week 2. The big question is, is he still doing them later in the season or has he learnt from the mistakes.

    I think we are in danger of over-reacting re. Geno. He only had half the reps of other starters in TC and was hampered by the ankle injury. We need a little patience and trust that the hard working Geno who improved from mini-camp to TC continues to progress now he is getting maximum reps.

    I just wish the WRs would catch the good throws Geno does make!!

    • SeanLDurham

      I think we have to simply hope that there will come a time in which Gates doesnt play that much and Holmes and Kerley both get healthy. A healthy Kerley vs the Pats thurs night and the Jets probably win that game by 2 TDs!

  • Frank Antonelli

    The talent and poise are very evident. The lack of experience is what is holding him back right now. Also, Marty needs to run the ball more in order to keep the pressure off of Geno until he becomes more familiar with the NFL game.

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  • Joe Willie

    Geno will get the rookie pass for a while, it wont be the mistakes he makes -it will be what he learned from them and will he keep making them over and over. A starting rookie QB in the NFL has a lot of ups and downs-physically mentally and emotionally -time will tell. The good thing is with the new rookie contract structure and Geno being a #2 draft choice the Jets aren’t stuck with a Mark Sanchez type of contract so they can do what’s best for the team. Don’t count out Matt Simms -I seen him throw in person and he has a special arm–there is no law against having 2 young good QBs on a team.

  • Paul Newbold

    Geno is going to be fine. Shows good poise and flashes of brilliance! Rookie mistakes are to be expected! We’ll loose some tight games in the process….but he’ll mature with the reps. Go Jets!!.

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