Inside the New York Jets Film Room: Damon Harrison

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Harrison 6

Again, Damon Harrison is circled in the green. This time, they are going to attempt to block him down to the right of our screen. Damon will use the momentum of the lineman once again to allow him to run out of the play, fill the cut back lane and make the stop.

Harrison 7

Damon already has his helmet above the man trying to block him. That tells you right there, that he already has the man beaten. He has his arms over the top of his guy. Now, Damon can simply push his man to his, and our right. It’s not hard, the lineman is already moving in that direction. He uses the guy’s own momentum to get him out-of-the-way.

Harrison 8

Snacks is in full eating mode here. He’s got his hands on top of the lineman, and the guy’s feet are already past him. Damon has rendered this man useless in trying to block him. He’s in the cutback lane, ready to snack on the oncoming running back.

Harrison 9

Snacks has got a little eating to do. He meets the running back in the hole, holding him to a short gain.

So, in a short time, Damon Harrison has become a force. He is not only strong, but he is smart. Put those two elements together, and add them to a player that works hard? You have a guy that is going to be around a long time, and be good at what he does.

What a privilege it will be to watch him continue to grow.

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