Analyzing the Play of New York Jets' CB Kyle "Captain PI" Wilson

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This one is from the second quarter, where we learn that Kyle has not learned his lesson. This time he is matched up with Nicks once again, at the top of the screen, circled in green. Again, the snap has just occurred, and Wilson is watching Hakeem’s every move. Keep an eye on Kyle once again.

As they move down the field, Kyle Wilson is locked in on Nicks, with no regard for the ball coming in.

Now Wilson has resumed mauling Hakeem Nicks, and has no idea whether or not the ball has been released. Nicks, on the other hand, is looking for the ball that is on its way.

Kyle watches as the ball goes by, never turning around to find it, because he is too busy pushing and grabbing Hakeem Nicks. The ref, on the other hand, is busy reaching into his pocket for a penalty flag. Because he didn’t look for the football, and they will get you every time.

Kyle Wilson doesn’t learn, and makes the same mistake over and over again. Not only does that, but he likes to throw a little smack talk into his mistakes.

I’m sure as heck excited that we spent a first round pick on this guy. Thank Tanny everyone. “Thanks Tanny!”

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