How Patient Should The New York Jets Be With Geno Smith?

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Aug. 18, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) walks off the field after the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at MetLife Stadium. Jets win 37-13. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Well first let me say that Mark Sanchez still being on the Jets roster  at this point hinders this potential plan considering the more he starts games for the Jets, the more about Geno Smith we don’t know and when you’re a franchise THIRSTY for a franchise QB and there’s a QB rich draft approaching, this is not good in any way.  Fact is, we’ve seen enough from Sanchez to know that we’ve seen enough.  The Jets drafted arguably the best QB in the draft this past April in Geno Smith and Sanchez is nothing but inconvenient road block standing in the way of a franchise and its quest for its franchise QB at this point.  Sounds dramatic but can you convince me that this is NOT the case at this point? Yes i know the Jets spent a 2nd on Geno, a rather high draft pick by definition of the word to be honest but let me be clear about something, that should not prevent them from going after a QB next April if they deem said QB to be a potential franchise QB, it just shouldnt.  The Jets probably will end up with a top 10-15 draft pick next April and I’m being KIND with that “prediction” but its the truth.  So they will certainly be in the position to make a move on any TOP QB they want to move on if they want.  The last recent team to draft a “good” QB in the 2nd round with hopes of him becoming a franchise QB only to have him flame out thus forcing them to draft a franchise QB in the FIRST round the VERY next DRAFT was the 2011 Carolina Panthers who drafted Jimmy Clausen in 2010, tried him on for size realized he didn’t fit so they drafted one Cam Newton the very next April and despite the Panther’s struggles, that draft pick looks to be a very good pick indeed.
So should the Jets consider making a similar move with their QB position? Well that depends on who you ask and obviously if you ask me and I’m sure in your mind you are asking me, I would say it depends on more than a few variables and that’s where the Sanchez Roadblock comes in to play.  If Sanchez is stumbling and bumbling around the field and Rex is harping on how Sanchez “gives us the best chance to win” for over 1/2 the season before they realize he doesn’t, in comes Geno for a short stint a stint that will probably be too short to determine WHAT we have in him.  It’s certainly a precarious situation indeed but one that I feel should play itself out one way or the other.  The bottom line is that the Jets NEED to know what they have in Geno Smith before next April’s draft so they can do whats best for this franchise and that very well may be drafting one of the aforementioned QBs but that’s something that can’t do if they don’t know what they have in Geno.  I’m rooting for Geno and I’m cautisly optimisic about his potential but 2nd round pick or not, if he cant get it done for this Jets team, if he doesn’t instill a bit of confidence in Jets management over the next 7.5 months no matter HOW limited his opportunites are and the Jets have the chance to draft a potential CANT MISS QB prospect next April, will anyone (other than the anti-Jets media of course) blame the Jets if they were to draft this prospect?  I know I wouldn’t!
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