Addressing the New York Jets/Geno Smith Conspiracy Theories

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Aug 9, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith (7) limps off the field after injuring his ankle in the third quarter of a preseason game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports


I have heard this through the Jets’ fan grapevine, about the reps being unequal.  Well, let me give you some numbers here: 20-14.  What are those numbers?  The 20 is the number of snaps Sanchez took, including penalties.  The 14 is the number that GENO SMITH took!

Six whole snaps.  What a huge difference!  Clearly, the Jets are keeping the new guy down.  He was behind by six snaps.  Oh wait a minute. ….I forgot, GENO SMITH SPRAINED HIS ANKLE AND LEFT THE FOOTBALL GAME!  Did everyone else forget about this too?

Let’s think about this.  Might Geno, had he not gotten hurt, you think, TAKEN SIX MORE SNAPS?  Come on, now of course he would have.  If he hadn’t sprained his ankle, this wouldn’t have even been a debate.  But, I guess the conspiracy theorists feel that Rex Ryan, I don’t know, talked to God, and arranged for Geno to sprain his ankle at that moment.  Or maybe he was OK, but on orders not to let him back in the game?

See why I am getting worried about some of you?

Don’t forget, as I talked about in the evaluation piece, there were plays that were slated for Geno to make a throw, but he didn’t get rid of the ball in time.  A couple of more throws, then all of a sudden, the discrepancy in passes thrown is not as great.


This one is particularly nutty, ladies and gentlemen.  But, I saw this as part of a major debate, so here we go.

People went crazy about the fact that Rex didn’t name a starter for the game against Jacksonville on Saturday night.  Nuts!  Apparently, this was part of the problem.

Say what?  Folks, despite the fact that we think we have a stake in the team, we don’t.  THE JETS DO NOT OWE US THE STARTER BEING NAMED ON TUESDAY, FOR A SATURDAY NIGHT GAME IN THE PRESEASON!  We think that they do, but they don’t.  Rex has EVERY RIGHT to take as long as he chooses to name a starter.  He’s the coach.  We watch the games.  Get it straight.

People were also upset about why Rex said they hadn’t named a starter yet.  He said that they wanted to let the week play out.  The theory was, it’s a conspiracy because Rex didn’t SAY that they want to make sure Geno is healthy.

Come on.  Because he didn’t SAY it?  First of all, he doesn’t have to.  He is not required to give you the answer you want to hear.  Since when has any coach ever given all of the info to the public?  Let me help you, NEVER.  It will happen when pigs fly, and I am not talking about the GEICO commercial.

Secondly, you all have brains.  It’s obvious that they want to make sure that Geno is healthy before naming him the starter.  Use your own judgement, how about that?  Stop getting bogged down about what words are used.  You are worrying over NOTHING.

What is the bottom line?  Stop with the conspiracy theories.  The Jets will give us enough reasons to be annoyed.  We don’t have to make up stories.  Isn’t that this guy’s job?

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