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New York Jets Fans: Stop the In-Fighting and Root for the New York Jets

All right folks, it’s time for another heart to heart conversation. I thought we had taken care of this last year with Mr. Tebow, but as I read my Twitter timeline, it is clear that this is still an issue. It’s an issue, it’s a big issue, and one that needs to stop now.

Actually, our buddy from JetNation, Ron Pickett, talked about it in a piece he wrote for his website.  Please take a look as it is a terrific read.  Normally I don’t piggy-back on the ideas of others, but this issue is such an important one, I decided it was necessary.

The issue is the in-fighting among Jets fans. The debate regarding the quarterback situation is just getting way out of hand. As I read my timeline, I see insults being hurled back and forth. Fans that support Mark Sanchez at all are being called “delusional”. Geno Smith fans hang on every good move he does in practice, and talk about getting rid of Mark so he can work on his modeling career. And people are going after each other, back and forth.

How did this serve us last season? I would say not too well, wouldn’t you? Haven’t we been here already, with bad results? This needs to stop. It needs to stop now.

Mind you, I am not saying that everybody has to agree. I am not saying that at all. Everybody is certainly entitled to their own perspective on the QB competition, as well as the rest of the roster. But don’t forget the first part, everybody is entitled to their own perspective. That’s the great thing about sports, that we can sit and debate the issues, with each person having a valid opinion. Mark Sanchez fans are not “delusional”, and Geno Smith supporters are not overly crazy either.

Ron made a great point in his article, at some point in our lives, we all fell in love with the New York Jets. Whether it was because our parents loved them, or whatever reason it was, we all have our own story there. With that, we have gone through a lot of suffering. But, we have all been through it TOGETHER. That is how we are all connected, our stories of sadness. It may be a sad way to think about things, but it’s true. We have sorrow together.

After all of these years suffering together, now we turn on each other, over the quarterbacks? No matter who the Jets choose, neither of these two will be anywhere NEAR the worst quarterbacks we have ever had. Meaning? Whomever the Jets choose to lead this team from the quarterback position, the team will have a chance. Neither one of these guys is a gloom and doom decision.

Here’s a novel idea gang, let’s get back to rooting for the New York Jets. If I never hear again about “TeamMark” and “TeamGeno”, it will be too soon. Let’s leave it to Rex Ryan, remember him? Let’s let him and his staff, and to whatever degree Idzik will be involved, make the decision on the quarterback. Let’s debate it, but not take it further with personal insults. Let’s wait for the team to pick their guy. And then, what should we do? Root our hearts out for the guy that is chosen.

I may support Mark Sanchez, but I am a Jets fan first. Last season, when Tim Tebow came in for a play or two, I screamed for him to make a great run. I didn’t like him, but on the occasion where he got positive yardage I was cheering hard. Same thing this year. If Geno is the starter, nobody will scream louder for him than I will. All of the Geno supporters should do the same for Mark Sanchez.

Why? They play for the New York Jets, that’s why.

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  • Jetsluva

    I just want the Jets to WIN!!! I’m one of those fans that was a kid when the Jets won the Super Bowl and I couldn’t appreciate it at all. I was aware but too young to really know what it meant. Now I just want to see the Jets win and i’m a very big supporter of Geno. Still if Sanchez was starting and the team was winning that’s all that would really matter to me. In the end it’s about the team.

    The reason I support Geno is that I have the belief that he’s more talented and gives the Jets the best chance to win now and in the future. I think that Mark has not had the best circumstances, but he’s also not exactly been trust inspiring either. That mixed with the embarrassing way this team lost last year has made a LOT of angry Jets fans. Many of us are just tired of watching Mark. We feel we know what his ceiling is and that it’s not acceptable anymore. That could be wrong, but it’s how many of us feel. I agree there’s no need to kill each other over it tho.

    • TheJetPress

      I get that feeling…all I mean is we shouldn’t be killing each other…we are all Jets fans

  • Gavin Buck, London (UK)

    Here, Here my man….

    You speak sense old bean, for that I shall buy you nice pint of warm Old Peculiar ale and a packet of Pork Scratchings

    Seriously, at this point, i think both QBs are pushing each other to the limit and long may it continue all the way down the stretch of this competition. The more they push each other, the better they will play in preseason and in the regular season, which we are likely to win some games.

    Honestly, i don’t care who is the starter, I just want the Jets to win, whoever the coaches decide that is, I will scream for them to succeed and likely scream at the TV if they throw 2 pick 6′s in a game.

    • TheJetPress

      I don’t drink but I appreciate the sentiment LOL.
      But you are right Gavin, we want them to push each other. The more they do that, whoever starts will play better than they would have. Whoever is the starter, let’s go jets.

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  • Paul Newbold

    I can only speak for myself, but one of the reasons I left several blogs was the personal attacks. I have my views, I respect others views. The Jet fan has always been defined his/her emotions. Jet fans are hard core and emotionally charged, with what we’ve all been through I totally understand how heated these debates can get. Let’s just direct that frustration at those damn Pats, not each other! :)

    • TheJetPress

      Oh I get it too…I just hate to see us killing each other…you are right let’s take it out on New England

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  • matr dontelli iii

    ok alan, you tell us! actually that’s one of the main reasons i comment here more than anywhere else. your fans are much more respectful of each other than i see on the other sites, and while i’m sure you’d like to see more comments here than you sometimes do, always keep in mind that with more commenters will come more obnoxious loudmouths. that said, i hate some of the things si and fansided have done lately. i already told you i hate the new site layout. the links are pretty useless as well, but the worst part is fansided eliminating updates to the jet press app and encouraging everyone to use the fansided app. from what i’ve seen, the fansided writers are as bad as those of the mainstream circus media, to wit: two articles in two days bashing geno over that idiot baldinger’s (he’s not important enough to look up his correct name) claim that geno is out of shape. then what happens? fans of the chiefs, yup, the chiefs of all teams, that perennial championship contending team the chiefs, read it and believe there’s some importance to those comments. how could geno, a team leader report out of shape!?! shame on him!?! what do the chiefs and leadership have in common? nothing at all. sheesh! but with fansided doing that with the app we’re sure to have a lot more cowboy-hatted, empty-headed loudmouth fans from other teams infiltrating the site. and i think you’re gonna be doing a lot of banning this year! have fun.

    • TheJetPress

      Hey Matr,
      You could be right about the banning thing. They discontinued the individual team apps in lieu of the Fansided app. Sorry, I do what I am told, had no say in that one. Ironically the other one to comment about that was my father in law.
      Remember though, on the app you can choose to only subscribe to the Jet Press, at least I think. I am not that technically savvy. haha. Sorry you don’t like the fansided writers, at least myself and my team will continue to bring you content you enjoy.

      • matr dontelli iii

        I understand completely. I know it’s their decision. What they do though, instead of just showing us what is on the jet press website they also show jets related articles written by people who could easily be confused with Meyers, Mehta, the espn crew et. al. In other words the insight is lacking, to be nice or nonexistent to be blunt. I also understand why they did that. Less maintenance and more readership at the expense of the individual communities which will suffer due to increased trolling, which, of course, doesn’t affect the decision makers in the least.

        • TheJetPress

          I know…they do the “around the web” stuff, which often isn’t great. I don’t disagree with your point, you see already how annoying I find “trolls”. Oh well.