May 22, 2013; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan (left) and general manager John Idzik (right) during the New York Jets organized team activities at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Are the New York Jets Too Cheap to Succeed?

A long time ago my boy Herm Edwards said this famous quote, “ You play to win the game!”. It was such a novel and radical idea that he repeated it several times to the media that couldn’t understand such a simple concept about a struggling franchise.

That being said, with so many people lauding John Idzik before the Jets have taken even one regular season snap, I have to ask. Who is going to score points on this team??? It feels to me that this team has been put together on home shopping network or with clearance players you’d find just before the checkout aisle at Costco. The Jets receivers are the equivalent of the Mets outfielders in MLB. Unlike the Mets though, the Jets have a little bit of cap room to sign a veteran receiver to help them out.

Last year the anemic passing game featured starting wide receivers of Jeremy Kerley and Jason Hill, Jeremy Kerley and Chaz Schillens, or Jeremy Kerley and Clyde Gates at certain times. This is of course following the foot injury of Holmes, knee injury to Hill, and groin injury to Keller. So can someone explain to me how this year is going to be any different with Holmes still on the shelf, Hill still returning from injury and a depth chart of Jeremy Kerley and castoffs?

I’m sorry but it can’t. What makes matters more irritating for me is that it doesn’t seem to be getting mentioned. Do the decision makers feel that Jordan White,

Zach Rogers, Ben Obomanu, or some other guy that is a practice squad player will make the jump to productive starting receiver? I am confused. Are we still playing to win the game?

The only thing I hear mention of is Chris Ivory who was hurt nearly half his college career and as recently as 2011 sat out 6 games. Do we expect him to make it through 16 games unharmed? Call me a pessimist, but I expect 12 games out of him. And if teams start to load the box to stop him, I don’t see any threats in Kellen Winslow’s shaky knees at tight end. This team needs a proven, stable, reliable wide receiver that can start and make catches. He doesn’t have to be a superstar, just a Hines Ward, Anquan Boldin steady catch machine.

If fans and media are going to criticize Mike Tannenbaum for putting together a cash eating team, all while saying Idzik his replacement has fixed the holes, I am going to say where is the commitment to putting together a team that can score points? To me scoring points equals winning, and this current roster has bottom 5 points scored written all over it. You can’t blame that on Sanchez either. You have to put that on Idzik, and the quality of the receivers themselves.

Currently the Jets kicked the tires on Mike Sims-Walker, but not on Steve Breaston, Braylon Edwards, Laurent Robinson, Austin Collie, or Brandon Lloyd. I’m calling it now in July. By the end of August, the Jets will be (or should be) desperately combing through the waiver wire for anyone with a reliable set of hands or Idzik will come under fire early on for knowingly not putting together a more competitive team.

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  • matr dontelli iii

    first let me say i respect the hell out of you guys, this site and the effort put in to run it every day. pleasantries aside i strongly disagree with a lot of what you wrote. first, regarding the mets (and yankees too for that matter) there is no good reason for baseball teams in new york to be putting the inept players on the field that these two teams keep trotting out there daily. teams from other cities are outspending teams from ny. there are empty, overpriced seats failing to provide revenue not to mention undersized stadia (had the tickets been priced properly). these teams are being badly mismanaged and i would not provide them revenues. these teams can, and have in the past, spent more than they are currently spending. but more importantly, the jets. the jets spending is strictly capped with the ability to carry unspent money into the next year, much like a real-life bank account or, in many instances, vacation account at work. whatever they don’t spend will become an advantage next year. now i’ve said many times that i believe woodhead johnson is in over his head with this team, though i don’t understand how unless he’s allotted so much money to operate the team and refuses to reach into his little pockets for more money. he didn’t spend to fight dolan over the west side stadium which could have made him a richer man, as if his richness matters. he went halfsies on a stadium with his hometown rivals which produced an ugly, grey, generic, and roofless outdoor winter home for two of the most valuable franchises in the nfl. he has yet to reach into his little woodhead pockets to spend on a head coach or gm with experience. however, regarding the players, i have to believe there is hope in the front office that some of these guys are gonna turn into something. i feel idzik’s moves have been well thought out and i believe he has a good plan. i believe he had a good draft which could provide five starters this season. i thought he did well in free agency with very limited funds. the money that is currently available was not during the early days of free agency. had he had these funds then, i think he would have grabbed someone younger with more productive years left. i think this team, like the 2009 team, will live and die by its defense, running game and turnovers. i don’t think adding a veteran on the downside of his career and letting a rookie who is regarded as having potential to stick, like chrebet once was, is a good idea. and it doesn’t seem like idzik thinks so either. if it weren’t for the unknowns of holmes’ injury and hill’s progress we wouldn’t even be discussing this. and back to the yankees, in the words of phil muchnick, if robinson cano wants $25 million a year, how much more would it cost to have him hustle on the bases? much like with that injury-prone cornerback i would find a better way to spend all that money, like putting some major league caliber players on the field. truth, justice and the american way!

  • Paul Newbold

    Agreed Matr….this site has some good stuff written on it most days, cudos to the contributors. Sadly, I don’t think a lot of thought went into this piece. I agree with the premise that we lack talent at the WR position, though there are a few young guys who have potential. I differ with the writer, who seems to believe the Jets need to spend money at this point to sign a FA. Who would you have them sign, undoubtedly there are serious reasons the receivers left out there haven’t been signed! Please don’t point to Loyd, he’s not worth the money or the headache in my opinion. Edwards? Oh please he’s been running after the snails the past two seasons! Idjik addressed the defense this season via the draft and saved some money. The money he saved can be used during FA next season, that along with a projected surplus of comp picks next season, leaves the Jets in good shape. I have my doubts about Idjik, but he’s growing on me. Pay and play Sanchez and the receivers, Sanchez gets paid anyway, allow Geno to mature, hope to find a diamond in the rough. Next year with a new QB, draft the receivers of the future as well.

  • charles gallo

    After the first game FA become a week to week deal. With Holmes out for an unknown time period. that is the time to pick up a vet. This is the smart thing to do.

  • Vincent Hall

    Thanks for your input guys. I do agree with what some of you said, but there is a middle ground. There is overpaying for a pricey wide receiver, and then there is trotting out shaky free agent castoffs and calling them starters. You saw last year when Chaz Schillens couldn’t create seperation, Clyde Gates was so so at route running, and Cumberland repeatedly just ran the wrong routes.

    I’m not saying the Jets need to spend all remaining cap money on an old receiver, I’m just saying there is a middle ground for a safe reliable, dependable receiver to catch passes. I can’t and won’t put my eggs in the defense/Ivory basket.

    • matr dontelli iii

      ok from what i read obamanu is basically this year’s version of schillens. do we really need that? i’d rather have inexperience than a wide receiver who can’t really wide receive worth a damn. i mean he couldn’t catch an onsides kick that surprised noone. that’s as bad as the opposing special teams who week after week allowed tebow to convert fake punts. at some point they shouldn’t be surprised. it becomes a likelihood. i wouldn’t have a problem if we traded maybe some of our cornerback depth or even a later round draft pick for a young receiver buried on someone’s depth chart the way ivory was in new orleans. i just would hate to see us sign a receiver who is basically two steps from shot and allow someone like rogers to go someplace else and make a name for himself, the way woodhead did. what made it worse with woodhead was how rex showed what he thought of him during hard knocks, saying something like ‘get in there danny, i know you won’t fumble the ball’. what made it even worse than that was the fact that we lost him for clowney. CLOWNEY! i won’t mention him hurting us when he was with new england. ooops, i guess i just did. my bad. nothing looks worse than letting talent get away and blossom someplace else, especially if said talent is at a position where you lack talent.