2013 New York Jets Offense: Readers Speak Out!

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Dec 30, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) takes a snap from center Nick Mangold (74) against the Buffalo Bills during the second half at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Bills beat the Jets 28-9. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Time for me to take a break from flapping my jaw for a few minutes.

Wednesday, I gave you all the opportunity to share your opinions about the offense for the upcoming year.  Well, you all came out in droves.  I got so many responses that I won’t be able to use them all.

So, I will be using as many as possible, trying to give a cross section of fan opinions.  So, without further adieu, here is what  YOU think about the offense this year.

First, from one of our biggest commenters, Matr Dontelli iii

potentially the most important change the jets made in the offseason was the replacement of the completely overwhelmed tony sparano for a man who regularly heads top ten offenses, marty mornhinweg. to those who haven’t been paying attention, he has done this with different players at each stop, not the same eleven continuously. he makes do with backup quarterbacks and backup skill position players, with elite offensive lines and not-so-elite lines. sparano reduced tebow to a fake punt specialist (which was actually the work of the other coordinator who coached him). quite the upgrade in my opinion. the offensive line, while some parts are new additions, should be competent from the start with mangold, ferguson and howard returning and colon and winters the projected guards. once they get a few games under their collective belts we may see a top-notch line which could propel us to a top-five running game. we’ve seen the ivory and goodson highlights and most of us are drooling while we wait to see them in action. when they’re not running like their jobs are on the line we may see powell and mcknight spelling them. with marty anything is possible coming out of the backfield and given the expected state of the receiving corps we may see the whole bunch of them at times. oh yeah, and we’ve got a new fullback who is known for his blocking and pass catching abilities. marty will probably make him a useful addition as well. these guys will be replacing the production of shonn greene, lex hilliard as well as the ‘forgotten man’ status of mcknight all year and powell for half the season. hmmmm, sounds promising. tight end? wow we lost dustin keller and his 28 receptions for 317 yards. i’ll bet marty is losing tons of sleep over that! good riddance! he should be yet another fine addition for the dolphins. hayden smith’s espresso machine should make up for keller’s production, and if he steps up like many expect? well, we won’t be lamenting the loss of keller if smith steps up. cumberland should be somewhat improved and anything we get from winslow would be bonus yardage. at wide receiver we should see more out of hill, not less, even if it’s only slight improvement. i know holmes health is in question but we’re looking to see improvement on 20 catches for 272 yards. with marty running the offense. should be doable. kerley should get better, not worse. now we’re looking to get more production from spadola, white, obomanu, rogers et. al. than we got from gates, schillens, edwards and the bunch. are you kidding me? i wouldn’t be surprised if rogers tops that bunch by himself. last season we had an overwhelmed quarterback with an overwhelmed coordinator with an underwhelming bunch of no-name, injured and replacement skill position players whose names he didn’t even know at times, often joining the team on tuesday in order to play on sunday, not to mention nobody threatening his job. this year we’ve got the returning starter from last year who claims this offense is perfect for him, as well as a strong-armed and accurate backup who is just as proficient at fumbling as the returning starter (which is my biggest concern with him) as well as probably one of the better third-string qbs in the league. if one falters the other goes in. if he falters the next one is up. the head coach knows he’s coaching for his job and the players know they’re playing for theirs. my biggest concern is injuries, over which we have no control. if we suffer too many injuries we may be in trouble but i still think marty will find a way to make them productive. i expect this offense, despite its perceived deficiencies to improve to mid-level at worst and i wouldn’t be shocked if marty finds a way to get them into the top fifteen of the league. if you have doubts i would suggest listening to fathead mike on wfan and then checking out what a good forecaster he is. then i think you’ll agree.

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