Why the New York Jets Do Not Need to Bring Back Braylon Edwards

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Here, new starter Greg McElroy has his team deep in Chargers territory. We are again going to follow Braylon Edwards, again marked in green. See the Chargers’ front seven, circled in blue? Notice how they are moving up on the line of scrimmage? That would indicate an all-out blitz.

Edwards and McElroy both know that Edwards is the “hot” receiver, otherwise known as the guy the QB will look for first in the face of the blitz. Braylon runs a quick out pattern, as noted in the picture with the green arrow. Does he get enough separation to give his QB somewhere to throw to? Let’s move ahead and see.

The answer is no, no separation at all. There is not a lot of room for McElroy to make a throw. Had the separation been better, it would have made for an easy TD. Instead………..

McElroy has to basically throw the ball away. Not in the literal sense, but because the DB is so close, Greg has to put the pass up high wear he could thrown an incomplete pass, if his receiver doesn’t touch it. He does, and the pass is incomplete.

See what I mean? There is a lot to be said about the chemistry between Mark Sanchez and Braylon Edwards. Don’t get me wrong. If anyone wants to see an asset brought in to help Mark Sanchez, it’s me. I think that is obvious if you read this blog at all regularly.

But the film doesn’t lie. If a guy isn’t getting open, he isn’t getting open. If Braylon Edwards can’t get separation consistently, how does that make him better than what we already have?

That is why, to me, Braylon isn’t here. It is also why they don’t need to bring him back either.

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  • walter

    I don’t think that out of two bad plays that this says it all about Edwards. they should resign him he is a great player and they should give him the opportunity to prove he can play. they never should have let him go for the loser burres to begin with.

    • TheJetPress

      Hi Walter,
      These were just two examples….similar plays were all over the 3 games he played. I would have kept him over Burress as well, but at this point I think he is finished.

  • Paul Newbold

    Please let the days of signing veteran players with little or nothing left be over here in New York!! I don’t care how cheap Edwards can be had for, or what his past “chemistry” was with Sanchez! In my opinion there is currently no FA Wide Receiver out there worth signing. The Jets didn’t make any real moves this off season to address the position, so I say too late now! I think we should take our guys into camp, see what we have and watch the wire for some talent. Much like idjik did with the defense this year, the offense skill positions need to get younger and faster! Play the season with the best young receivers we have, at the end of the yr evaluate and take care of it through the draft next season..no hurry we are rebuilding!

    • TheJetPress

      fair enough Paul. I haven’t looked at the list in a while to see if there is nobody I would want, but I agree. There is no reason to sign vets just for the sake of signing them.

  • matr dontelli iii

    nice analysis, alan. not as though you don’t do enough over there already, but i’d love to see more of that. that’s what i like about toj. as you know they do a ton of film breakdown and analysis. i also believe braylon is limited in what he does on specials as well, further reducing the odds of him returning. we’ve read so many positives about the udfas i can only hope one or two of them turn into keepers. we know what the running game and defense will mean to any success we have this year, as well as improved qb play. i’d really rather see hill and a udfa step up than release a kid with potential to bring in a vet like braylon whose age will show more than the abilities he once had.

    • TheJetPress

      Thanks Matr. I agree with you on Braylon. You will see more film analysis, especially during the season. You came on with us later so you might not have seen it as much, we analyze the offensive and defensive tape each week of the season. You will enjoy!

      • matr dontelli iii

        can’t wait!

  • 46

    i understand the first example but the second i disagree…in an all out blitz
    situation the corner is supposed to use the sideline as help an play with
    inside position..when the ball is snapped braylon runs 10 steps forward
    and then runs the out…the corner was in perfect position the whole
    time to make the play..the inside break didnt happen at the snap and at
    that point because of his positioning he was prepared for both…mcelory
    should have audibled him to run the drag an dumped it quickly…corner
    might have been in position to make the tackle but you would hope
    braylon would be able to shrug him off or make him miss.

    • TheJetPress

      did you play QB or something? You bring up good thoughts that I hadn’t thought of, which is why I ask, 46.

      • 46

        i wish i did lol if i could do my life over again i definitely would have lol dont forget at this time of the season braylon was technically hurt too..he was cut by the seahawks because of it..i really think signing him should be priority..holmes wont be the same this year..i dont think he is going to make the opener..we need a reliable target and kerley is still at best a slot receiver.

        • TheJetPress

          good points….I would love to be wrong….if Braylon really has something left, get him here. Anything to make Mark feel more at ease. I just don’t see it. I would be thrilled to be wrong about that.

  • Dustin Schrank

    I don’t know, when stephen “dropped it” hill gets hurt again and we got gates out there I think people are gonna wish edwards was on the roster. Im not sayin make him a starter, but after hearing about all the drops in OTAs I think he deserves a roster spot. I mean how do you even compare his blocking ability to gates its not even a competition, and considering we are probably gonna live and die by the run whats wrong with a good blocking backup reciever.

    • TheJetPress

      I don’t think he will hurt them….I just don’t think he has enough to get the job done anymore.