Keep Rex Ryan's Offensively Challenged Hands AWAY from Geno Smith

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During Mark Sanchez’s first season he had a monstrous game vs the Bills, the 5 int game that Thomas Jones ran wild in.  A week after said game, Ryan and Schotty slapped Sanchez with what’s now famously known as the “Color Coded Wrist Band” or “CCWB” for short or “WTF” for shorter.  Let me be clear about something here; the ONLY person that needs to be walking around with color coded wrist bands is Wonder Woman, THAT’S IT.  Shackling your rookie QB with a color coded wrist band is essentially the same as handcuffing them and it essentially tells them that you are more concerned about turnovers and don’t want them taking risks. It’s a play NOT to lose mentality for sure and nothing else.
If your HC handcuffs you while you’re in the middle of your “sponge” stage, it sticks with you. If your HC plays NOT to lose after you make mistakes, it messes with your confidence and psyche and no matter what side of the ‘What happened to Sanchez” fence you fall on, this aspect of it isn’t even debatable.  Whatever Mark Sanchez was on his way to becoming (watch his very first game as a Pro vs the Texans and we see a totally different QB, not afraid to take chances and throwing all over the field) whether it was a game manager or something slightly better, it was stunted with the inadequate, ineffective, “play not to lose” offensive philosophy that Rex Ryan implemented.
With that said; the Jets have a grand opportunity to change the mindset of the QB position in more than one way.  They drafted a very talented and promising QB in Geno Smith and paired him up with respected Offensive Coordinator Marty Morninweg and honestly, Geno couldn’t have asked to be placed under a better offensive mind, something Sanchez could’ve used his rookie year.  The mentality needs to be different, the mindset needs to be altered and the philosophy needs to be modified. Whatever it takes, Geno has the opportunity to give the Jets fans more and better consistency at the QB position once he takes over but it needs to be done differently, it needs to be done better, whatever the Jets did with Mark Sanchez, YEAH….. DONT DO THAT!
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  • Joe Willie

    its everybody else’ s fault that Mark Sanchez sucks except mark sanchez. When will people just realize Sanchez never was that talented in any aspect in playing the position of NFL QB in the 1st place. Please dont tell me about the 1st two yrs of his career—the team carried him–He was never accurate -he always threw into coverage—never had a good pocket presence —and he never was a very good leader of men. Mr T and Woody had Brett Farve withdrawals and reached, wished and hoped a GL kid who started one season in college could be a good NFL QB. Sanchez wasn’t—it’s an old story with a lot of nfl teams-
    let it GO!

    • SeanLDurham

      Jesus H!!!


      Reading seems to be a lost art nowadays apparently…. Think I said at least twice in this article that I don’t believe Sanchez would’ve been a great QB ANYWAY. Didn’t I????

      But what gets me is that Jets fans have this weird hatred for him and refuse to accept the fact or acknowledge the fact that despite his flaws, REX’S INEPT OFFENSIVE PHILOSOPHY DIDN’T HELP HIM!!!!!!!!!! That LITERALLY CAN’T BE DEBATED!
      I already acknowledged the fact that Sanchez was limited either way but is it not logical that maybe just maybe what little talent he did have coming out of college, could’ve been adequately utilized and harvested by a coach that wasn’t offensively challenged??? It’s like it’s impossible for some to place some of the blame on Rex’s offensively challenged shoulders where SOME OF IT NEEDS TO GO!

      • Gustav Flores

        Rex does not run the offense guy. So what the hell are you trying to say? I for one think you don’t really know how to make a point. What would you know about coaching to put the blame on Rex, he is the defensive guru and he hired an offensive coordinator to run the offense for the team. Almost all of the teams have an offensive coordinator no? Even the Gaytriots have one!

        • Paul Newbold

          Rex as a “head coach” is responsible for hiring an OC. His responsibilities don’t end there. He doesn’t run the defense either..he hired a DC! But you would give Rex credit for a #1 defense? So if I have this right, its NOT Rex’s fault if our offense is ranked last and our QB sucks; but Rex Does get credit for a top defense! That’s great news! Since Rex has already hired an OC to run the offense, a DC to run the defense and a Special Teams Coordinator to run the special teams: WE NO LONGER NEED REX!!!!!! Rex might be a good defensive coordinator, but it ends there!!

          • Gustav Flores

            Well Rex is taking over the defense this year once again and it will show. You can not blame Rex for the offense guy. There is no way in hell that you can. Then Billacheat sucks defensively is that what you are trying to say? The last time i checked Billacheater was one of the best defensive minds in football yet his defense has been ranked real low for a long time. There is only so much blame you can put on a coach then the rest should be given to the players for underachieving. I guess i will give you a 3 out of 10 for your response. Go Jets!!!

          • Paul Newbold

            Thanks for the ranking 3 out of 10, roughly .333 batting avg, I’ll take it. For the record I never mentioned the Pats, or their coach. I just simply said Rex is responsible for the offense, every head coach in the league is! Don’t believe me? Check the firings last season! Owners should and the good ones do, make their Head Coach responsible for the ENTIRE team!

          • Sean Durham

            Agreed….. we are on the same page my friend!

      • Paul Newbold

        You’re right, Sanchez was flawed in college, his college coach pronounced him “not ready for the NFL” and he has failed to progress. I say he’s a poor student, or a mediocre talent, take your pick, I do agree Rex shouldn’t be here for the Geno Smith era! He should have been fired last season! Woody stuck Idjik with Rex this season, it won’t happen again. Rex goes back to defensive coordinator ranks, never to break the Head Coaching arena again! He’s just a poor quality head coach all around!

      • Gustav Flores


        Really??? Rex’s offensive philosophy??? Rex has little to no input on the offense aside from telling his offensive coordinator to run the rock more. Think about if for just one minute. I don’t mean to sound like i think you know nothing about football. Just not enough to write that article. You did mention that maybe he could have benefited from better offensive coaching. Did you not???

  • Gustav Flores

    That is one of the worst articles I have read to date. It sounds like you support the possibility that Sancheese could have been better of with better coaches. I am here to squash that thought. He is not even a game manager or adequate back up….

    • SeanLDurham

      Oh…… Ok?

      Thought official “squashed” I guess?

  • Paul Newbold

    I don’t know if his coaches are to blame for his failure, I’ve always said Sanchez’s problem is he’s un-coachable, meaning he can’t take what he’s supposed to learn in practice and transfer it to the playing field. That being said,, Rex Ryan should not be allowed anywhere near Geno Smith! Personally, I don’t believe he should be around any of our players! He’s an arrogant, ego maniac, who’s forever chasing a headline! He’s way too busy with his own PR to be an adequate head coach. He has lost control of his locker room, he’s had a ton of personnel problems, and through all that he declares “I am the best defensive mind in football today”!! Besides being a terrible head coach, he’s delusional!! As soon as Idjik rids himself of Rex, the better off the Jets and Geno Smith will be! Good Riddance!!

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