New York Jets: The J-E-T Press: Top Commenters: Week of June 8th

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Dec. 16, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA: Arizona Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes (25) celebrates a play against the Detroit Lions at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Cardinals defeated the Lions 38-10. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Back to give it another go. Let’s look back at the week gone bye, and see who some of our top commenters of the week were:

From “Why Can’t Former Jets Safety Kerry Rhodes Find a Job?”

matr dontelli iii • 7 days ago −
i like to think that it has more to do with the ‘hollywood’ thing than the possible gay thing. i am an optimist. and i can be fooled easily by believing people have good intentions when their souls are black as coal. despite what i like to think, i also think that, like with the lack of interest in tebow, teams are put off by the potential media distraction. what i don’t understand, however, is why teams don’t limit the media credentials they give out and take them back from media members who are all about sensationalism rather than reporting the news. with the interest in the nfl and the availability of informaton on the internet do the jets really need the daily news beat writers? i hardly think so. if teams start policing who can enter their locker rooms maybe the press would become more responsible. maybe. i did mention that i’m an optimist, didn’t i?

From “Time to Leave Former Jets’ QB Tim Tebow Alone

matr dontelli iii • 5 days ago −
i have not hidden my disdain for any and all things espn. this is not another exclusive. they are certainly a major contributor to the circus atmosphere created by the media but i don’t think dick cimini is near innocent. i personally, don’t know dick. i have mentioned on rare occason when i read something insightful from him such as his B+ grade on our last draft while most of espn questioned our picks. unfortunately any insight he shows is quickly forgotten when he writes articles about who gets tebow’s old number this year. who cares? write something relevant. but dick is not alone in this regard. i imagine espn gives them a quota on how much they must write or maybe pays them by the word, something stupid like that which guarantees moronic drivel rather than insightful commentary. this lack of insight runs over to all areas of espn ny’s blogs. the last time i read their yankee blog, the writer, i believe it was andrew what’s-his-name but it really doesn’t matter which numbskull wrote it, had a column regarding highly-regarded minor leaguer mark montgomery who is known for his ridiculously high k/9 ratio which at the time was above 14! the world-wide leader-of-sports writer compared him to david robertson, a common comparison, but not due to the rare and unusually high k/9 ratio they both have but due to the fact that they both throw sliders! half of baseball throws sliders! how many people strike out more than ten batters per nine innings? yeah, they’re similar because they both wear on ny on their cap. another exclusive from the world wide leader in circus coverage. espn, the wwf of sports reporting.

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