New York Jets Current Running Back Situation

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Chris Ivory is the most likely candidate to win the starting job this season for Gang Green

Mikey Nash is back with a short scouting report on the current running back situation.

In my opinion, the Jets backfield will be much improved this season. Ever since Rex Ryan became the coach of the Jets in 2009, the motto for the offense has been “Ground and Pound”. In both 2009 and 2010, the Jets certainly had success running the football. In 2009 the Jets led the league with an average of 172 yards per game on the ground, while in 2010 the Jets finished a respectful fourth in rushing with 148 yards per game. This was due to the talent they had at the running back position. Thomas Jones, Ladainian Tomlinson, and a young Shonn Greene made the Jets rushing attack dominant. But the past few seasons the Jets running game has been nothing special. This offseason, the Jets decided to part ways with Shonn Greene, and bring in running backs Chris Ivory and Mike Goodson. In this article I will analyze the Jets running game and the strengths and weaknesses of each player.

Chris Ivory- Up to this point in his career, Ivory has never really had the chance to prove his ability. Ivory was packed in a crowded backfield in New Orleans with former first round pick Mark Ingram and speedster Darren Sproles. Ivory found himself with little opportunity to get on the field, and desperately needed a change of scenery. If Ivory stays healthy, I see no reason why he won’t be the Jets starting running back this season. In limited time, Ivory showed flashes of just how good he can be. His aggressive running style makes him very tough to break down. Ivory also has good speed and burst for a guy his size. Ivory has the ability to turn the corner and out run the secondary to get in the open field. If the Jets O-line is strong, I would not be shocked if Ivory breaks the 1000 yard mark this season. Injuries have been an issue for Ivory in his short career, so that is something to certainly keep and eye on. Although Ivory is a strong rusher, he only has 3 career catches. This is where Mike Goodson comes in to play.

Mike Goodson- Goodson is another running back who has never had the chance prove himself in the league. So far in his career, Goodson has been nothing more than a 3rd down back with a few carries here and there. In New York, his role may be similar, but with many more opportunities. Let me explain. The Jets new Offense Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg brings over the West Coast Offense, which I think Goodson can flourish in. Goodson possess above average speed. According to PFF, Mike Goodson was rated as the most elusive back in 2012. This season, I expect Goodson to be heavily in the passing game. I expect a bunch of screens and swing passes to go his way to utilize his great speed. As I am sure you know, so far this offseason Goodson has gotten himself into some legal trouble. Godson has the chance to really make an impact this season. But it is up to Goodson if he will take advantage of it.

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