Feb. 2, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA: New York Jets former quarterback Joe Namath walks the red carpet prior to the Super Bowl XLVII NFL Honors award show at Mahalia Jackson Theater. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets Must Mend Fences with Icon Joe Namath

Babe Ruth, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice.  What do all of these people have in common?  The ability to lead men.  The ability to take their team’s on their respective backs and lead them to the promised land.  Each one of these players was able to do that, and that brought them to a next level, that not many players achieve.  The status of “icon”, and of someone who will be revered for years to come.

Brian Costello talked about this topic earlier in the week, but as OTAs move forward, it seemed like a good time to bring his topic back and take it further.

We know what started all of this, we don’t need to go into great detail to rehash the parents, and my sister didn’t want to chime into this one.  For anyone that is somehow not aware, there is a war being vetted by Joe Namath.  Namath has felt that it is his duty to call his former team out, for any move he hasn’t approved of.

Here he is, Joe Namath, former starting quarterback for the Jets, and icon to end all icons.  How can you not be an icon if you guaranteed a Super Bowl win, and went out and earned it?  That is the icon to end all icons.

But yet, Namath doesn’t carry himself that way, causing many fans not to consider him in that regard either.  For the last two years, Joe has taken to his weekly ESPN radio interview to criticize nearly everything the Jets have done.  Not much has pleased him, and frankly, it’s a bit of a turnoff to hear him speak.

This week, we gained a small glimpse into Namath’s feelings, when, during an interview with the “Boomer and Carton” show on WFAN radio here in NY, Joe finally admitting that there are some problems between him and the New York Jets.  He didn’t elaborate, nor should he be expected to.  But, this is obviously what sets reporters to begin by feeling negative about this football team.

So how do we fix it?  First of all, Joe Namath needs to grow up, whatever his problem is.  I mean, is he really surprised that Woody Johnson is annoyed by him.  Whether is comments are accurate or not, they are constant.  Do you remain friends with someone who continuously belittles you in public?  I would assume not, because you would be silly.  So it’s no shock that the Jets are annoyed with Joe.

Secondly, in the category of “grow up”, what is Joe Namath’s problem anyway?  What did the Jets do to him that so bad.  I understand that I was not alive for the playing career of Joe Namath, no argument there.  But, it seems that the Jets have ALWAYS been there for Joe, no matter what he did.  His utter embarrassment in the Suzy Kolber splat?  The Jets were right there with him.  He has always been promoted to the forefront, and as the leader.  This is the response that he gives his life long team?  Sorry, he should really get over what his problems might be.

But take away all of that, and admit there is a problem that just can’t be forgiven.  How do the Jets get past this?  Well, Brian Costello posted an interesting theory.  You know the theory that some have, that making drugs legal would keep them off the streets?  Well, Coz would like to apply a similar theory here.  Bring Joe back into the family as an advisor, let him make suggestions to the brass face-to-face.  That way, the luster of making comments won’t be there, so he won’t want to make them to the press.

It could work.  Namath might just be feeling a bit un-important, and giving him a role with the team might help a lot.  But the situation must be monitored.  If the Jets do it, they must focus on the dynamic that comes into the locker room from upstairs.  If this causes more tension amongst everyone, Namath would have to be moved out.  He cannot be a distraction.

But the status quo cannot remain either.  They must at least try to fix this relationship, and do it fast.   For the love of the team, try to somehow find a middle ground.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.willie.509 Joe Willie

    I believe Joe was set up by Suzy Kolber and her sideline producer –they should have seen he was intoxicated and let him pass on the interview –that being said that fall from grace in front of millions did get Namath sober which is a good thing for him and his family. The 1st 2 yrs of Rex’s tenure the relationship was good, as we seen on “Hardknocks”, –even though we saw Sanchez basically ignoring Joe on how to take a simple snap from center, which Mark Sanchez still hasn’t learned –But to get to the main point since Namath got the job with ESPN radio and that shrill Michael Kay it seems Kay is always edging Joe for that “pound of meat” and when you basically call for the head coach’s head–it creates hard feelings, and you cant blame Rex for that. The owner on the other-hand is a 1%er who every time he opens his mouth he adds another block to his total unlikeability we are stuck with him for time being till he dies or sells the team.

    • matr dontelli iii

      Wow, nice job joe. I’m driving, more to follow…

      • http://www.facebook.com/joe.willie.509 Joe Willie

        Alan’s writing skills are a hard thing to compare to -but I try

        • TheJetPress

          Thank you Joe. I appreciate the compliment.

    • TheJetPress

      Agreed, especially on Michael Kay being shrill and annoying,

    • matr dontelli iii

      first off, really nice article, alan. second, as far as wood head johnson goes, i think he’s in over his head financially, how that could be is beyond me, but he didn’t fight dolan over the stadium, which would have been a better solution than building a new stadium with less character than the old stadium (how that could be…) while going halfsies with the football team that we would like to think we’re competing with, rather than playing second fiddle to. that was topped by not spending the money to put a retractable grey roof on the grey building in the northeast. that was topped by burning through a twenty-five year old waiting list for season tickets in a matter of months. that was trumped by the embarassing scam coaches club psl auction they held where the winner was bankrupt. that was followed by his practically begging for an encore performance on hard knocks despite the coaches saying it’s not a good idea. iced by the moronic statements that gallop out every time he opens his mouth to a reporter, much like horses at the track. ok, enough on woodhead for now. as far as mr. namath, great point joe about the kolber incident pushing him toward sobriety. it’s probably one of the best things to happen to him since the super bowl. after he made the news with his latest blast of the jets i saw him on nfl network and while i didn’t watch the whole interview the tone was miles away from the tone he uses with espn. he was, dare i say, insightful. it was like listening to a different person. i get the impression that the whole espn interview is simply rhetoric and judging by the way he says one thing then goes completely against it – saying things like: i still think mark sanchez can be a quarterback in this league, just don’t do it here. it’s time to move on. followed several months later by: the jets didn’t need to draft geno smith, they already had mark sanchez – i don’t think he even pays attention to what he says. he’s just saying it for, i don’t know, attention i guess. which is a shame. as i’ve said countless times before, espn is full of people with nothing to say talking all day, for pay. on more stations than we need. espn is the single worst thing to happen to sports in the history of sports (nike is a close second) and they continue to destroy all sports everyday, all day. and joe has decided that that is where he should be talking. regularly. with nothing of value to say. about the team that he ‘loves’. it’s a shame. he is alienating himself from the team. i’ve said before, we’re closer to our next super bowl than our last. if joe doesn’t change his ways he’ll be watching from an espn booth instead of being in wood head’s box on game day. and how will he feel then?

      • TheJetPress

        Thanks Matr!