May 22, 2013; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) throws a pass while being watched by quarterback Geno Smith (7) during the New York Jets organized team activities at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Five Reasons that Mark Sanchez will Start at QB Week One for the New York Jets

Are there two guys that are going to have the spotlight on them more than the two guys pictured to the right? After what went on last year at the quarterback position with the New York Jets, it’s hard to believe that two guys will be watched harder. It’s understandable, being that it is a battle at the most important position on the field, in the biggest media market in the universe.

So, how is it going to turn out? Who is going to take this down, at least to start the season? Well, here is where I get you guys talking, probably disagreeing with me, for the most part, but that’s OK. I am still sticking with my guns on this one. You are probably not going to be surprised by this answer coming from me, but week one, when Darrelle looks across the line, he will see Mark Sanchez calling signals, standing over center.

Here are five reasons why:

EXPERIENCE: No matter what you think of Mark Sanchez, this factor cannot be discounted, sorry. Mark Sanchez is a four-year starter in the National Football League. Recent results not withstanding, it is far easier said than done for a rookie to come in and just beat out a four-year starter. Especially one that has four road playoff wins to his credit, and two near trips to the Super Bowl.

It was a lot different when Mark won the job. He won it over Kellen Clemens. Nuff said.

CONFIDENCE: There was a lot of talk last season about how Mark Sanchez lost his confidence. It was obvious when you watched him sink his head on the sidelines, and when you listened to him speak after ballgames. Mark had no idea which end was up. Coming back into camp, Mark is a different guy. We will see how it translates onto the field, but he is talking like a leader, finally. In his first two seasons, Mark was a confident guy, and got the job done.

Time for history to repeat itself.

TENACITY: Even when he hasn’t performed well during the season, Mark has always had tenacity. Every year, he works hard to be ahead of the learning curve with the offense. Whether it is by running his camp out west, seeking out Chad Pennington for Sparano advice, or seeking out Jeff Garcia to learn Marty’s offense, Mark does everything that he can to learn the product well enough to be the on-field teacher.

This is what we want from our quarterback. His experience is something that his teammates can get behind. Mark has to be able to teach this team in Marty’s style while on the field. His ability to work hard will vault him to the front of the line, and relegate Geno to the bench, for now.

REX’S CHOICE: What do I mean by this? Rex Ryan is saying all of the right things, about competition, and “earning the job back there”. Rex is handling it publically the right way, but what about behind closed doors? Let’s look at the circumstances.

Most see coach Ryan in a “lame-duck” season, thanks to the hiring of John Idzik. People think that it will just a matter of time before Idzik replaces Rex with his own guy. This being the case, Rex is going to want to go out his way. He isn’t go to turn the keys to a rookie quarterback again. Geno would have to blow Mark away for that to happen. Can it? Sure, and God bless him if it does, I just don’t see it.

John Idzik won’t impose Geno as the starter either. John knows the perception regarding himself and Rex. John cannot add to that by imposing his will on the roster playing time. He can influence the roster choices, but not the starting lineup. If he forced the Jets to play Geno, it will be obvious that Rex has no say, he should he relieved of his duties following the announcement of Geno as starter.

FAMILIARITY: Yes there are new faces in town, but they aren’t all new. You still have Holmes, Kerley, Hill, Powell…etc. The Jets have their share of players that have been in the league for more than 2-3 years. Mark Sanchez, and his familiarity with these players will be enough to keep Mark in his position.

As I said, this take probably won’t surprise anyone. Go ahead and sound off below.

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  • Jetsluva

    Mark does have experience on Geno, but I don’t really see that experience having much of a positive effect on how Mark plays. He still makes the same mistakes under pressure and I have a feeling that when we see pre season games that he’ll display those faults again.

    Mark isn’t perfectly fitted to this style as much as Geno is. Remember that Marty scouted Geno hard and went and had dinner before the draft with Geno and was at his pro day. I think very much that he was the one that gave the endorsement of Geno cuz he knew he was perfect for his system!!! Geno is already showing growing comfort with the system and his natural talent will eventually take over. He’s got a stronger and more accurate arm and he’s a better runner. He also is an excellent screen guy, which Mark isn’t. It’s gonna be Geno IMO.

    • TheJetPress

      Fair enough Tracy. I could see it turning out your way eventually too. I just don’t think they will be ready to make the move week one is all.

      • Joe Willie

        your a good guy Alan—thanks for ur work! I have a feeling this site is going to be big.

        • TheJetPress

          Thanks for that…..I think so too, tell your friends, family etc to come read and that will happen

  • Joe Willie

    Alan I know its a slow week but give it up—the more Marty sees of Mark Sanchez -the more he will hate him—you don’t plant a potato and grow an Onion–Geno is 10 x the passer Mark will ever be- look at Geno’s college tape from the last 2 yrs–I have and its not even close when u compare –Sanchez doesn’t have experience -he has post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — Rex’s choice? why would he trust Sanchez after the last 2 yrs–50 turnovers???-ur seeing something most dont pal, –Alan you do write well however I wish I could :)

    • Joe Willie

      P.s geno is going to make Kerley an All pro—write that down.
      and that down under TE we have will shock a lot of PPl this season.

      • TheJetPress

        Thanks for the kind words. I know I have been shouting at the rain for a long time on this, but I still see him having one more good shot in him. I really do. Could I be wrong? Of course. I just think it could still work out. Mark has been at his relative best in the short passing game.
        we will see how it turns out.

  • Piazza31nyj

    Mark Sanchez’s only strength is play action mid range throws. He throws well on the run. Look at his good throws last year. This offense isn’t a bad fit for him because you don’t need superb arm strength, but it isn’t a good fit either

    • TheJetPress

      Not unfair. It very hard not to get sick to the stomach every a lineman or something bigger knocked his passes down.

    • Paul Newbold

      It does require a SMART quarterback though! Fast on his toes and able to read defenses on the fly! Not a Sanchez strong suit!!

      • TheJetPress

        Good stuff Paul. Nice to hear from a new voice like yours. Welcome aboard.

  • Piazza31nyj

    …He can’t complete a screen pass and I’ve never seen a guy throw as many picks as he has to Defensive Tackles.

    • Paul Newbold

      West coast requires a qb to hit receivers quickly, accurately, and often in the “flat”! Sanchez’s pick 6′s are products of him throwing into the flat! I’d go with Geno, but its yet to be seen if he is an upgrade…he’ll never be the future!

  • Paul Newbold

    Play Sanchez first 8 games..hope he fares well! Play Geno last 8 games, hope he fares well!! Then after the season, trade them both and start over! Sanchez is done and Geno will never be…..