Apr 26, 2013; New York, NY, USA; New York Jets fans Steve Destefano (left) , Christian Baladaccini (center) and Joe Legotti wait for the thirty-ninth overall pick to the New York Jets during the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

New York Jets' Fans: Why We Stay with Our Team

My father in law has a saying that he likes to use. As he was the only male in an all female household (wife, 2 daughters), he likes to frequently comment that “It’s not easy being me.” I am sure all of the parents out there reading this can relate to the sentiment.

Well, that got me thinking. That saying applies quite well to all of us, simply because we are Jets fans. Our lives are not easy, rooting for our team. We have all put up with our share of abuse through the years, but that would be OK if we had equal success. That hasn’t happened as we all know. The Giants have won four Super Bowls in my lifetime, and we have nothing.

What we do have is a lot of failure. So much failure that there are video highlights attached together, just to laugh at us. We have a lot of boasting, from our coach, our players..etc. We have players hold out, locker room disagreements, guys that walk off the field., and things of that nature. It’s quite the maddening situation, when all you want to do is watch your team play football. Even with John Idzik on the payroll, the Jets still have their share of controversy.

So why do we stay? I’ve been told this many times, and it’s hard to argue. It would certainly be easier to be a Giants’ fan. There is no drama, just a team that goes about its business. That business is winning Super Bowls, restocking their roster, and not inviting controversy.

How do we do it?

First of all, we do it because it builds character. I always say, it’s very easy to root for a team that wins all the time. whenever your team in the one that is in contention for a title every season, it’s not difficult to cheer for them. It’s not hard for a Giants’ fan to identify himself, with 2 Super Bowls since 2007.

The character develops when you root for a team that can go 3-13, or 14-2. To stay with a team that is 6-10, because we know that they are building it to get better, is tough. Understandably, with the ticket prices in the New York area, you want to see your team win now. When they don’t, there will always be fans that are tempted do roll over and watch the dream end.

Rooting for an inconsistent team is harder than we are used to. However, the fact that they have a chance to get the job done almost every year is a major step.

Secondly, we know how excited we are going to be when we finally earn the Lombardi trophy. We know the Jets can do it, as they did it in Super Bowl III. We have one championship in team history. I know that when I hear stories about what it was like, it just makes me hungrier to win it again. Many Jets fans are also Mets fans, and we all have 1986. Because 1986 could happen, we keep rooting for the Mets because it could happen again.

We stay with the Jets because we eventually will win one, and we know that the euphoria of that moment will be to a level that nobody can imagine.

Finally, I believe we stay because of Jets Nation. Yes, our big happy family. Jets’ fans, maybe because of the losing, create bonds, and will create bonds, that they will live with for the rest of their lives. The losing, the sharing of wins, the knowledgeable, sometimes harsh discussions, …etc. are what bring us together as Jets’ fans.

Especially with the evolution of social media, Jets’ fans can discuss with Jets’ fans a particular snap in a game just with a couple of clicks on their phones. And what group of fans talks more passionately about their team than we do? Nobody. We are all bonded together, but a team that could single-handedly drive us all nuts.

There are my thoughts, these are why I stay with the team. How do you feel about it, gang? Are these good reasons to stay a Jets fan? Are there reasons that I haven’t mentioned, that you guys have for staying? Sound off below.

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  • matr dontelli iii

    i was recently going through a bunch of old documents on my computer. i came across an unsent letter to someone regarding the jets. it was written after we let herm get away for what, a fourth round pick, i believe. after giving up a ton for parcells. it basically said i was done. enough was enough. i was giving up on the jets. i felt we never got a fair shake and it seemed like we didn’t even care if we got one or not. i kinda liked herm, even with his warts. new york is a hard place to start as a rookie and if you’re gonna hire a rookie you gotta give him time to grow into the position. instead of keeping him we were giving him up for next to nothing. this was after belichek got away and started winning super bowls in ne. well, i guess i didn’t go anywhere. we’ve been to two championship games since then and have had some great highs to go with some terrible lows. yesterday’s goodson news was potentially a terrible blow to our immediate future. the reefer may lead to a suspension. the gun, if it turns out to be his, will likely lead to being cut. the whole incident will make it much harder to root for him and will give the world of jet haters more ammunition, no pun intended. this is the worst incident since rex got here and it is the first valid argument for the team having criminals on its roster. i hope the gun turns out to be his friend’s but even so, what kinda dude is he? is this what we want our ‘heroes’ to be like? it makes me want mcknight to play his ass offand win the spot over him.why do we stay and continue to root? ’cause we’re closer to our next super bowl win than our last one. regardless.

    • TheJetPress

      Great perspective Matr. I agree with is worse than the DWI with Braylon, by a lot. They aren’t doing anything until the legal processes makes its way through, but if it turns out to be his gun, and he is guilty of all of this, time to go.

      • matr dontelli iii

        not to minimalize the dwi becaus it’s not something you want to condone, however, 1, they’re pretty common and 2, he was not stopped for driving erratically which would indicate he was unable to control his vehicle, he apparently was controlling the vehicle just fine. he was stopped for having windows tinted beyond the legal limit for new york, but within the legal limits of michigan which is where the vehicle was registered. he never should have been stopped. i believe he pled guilty and paid his debt simply to make it go away rather than having the issue continue on in the media. i’m fuzzy on the details, but thats what i seem to remember. regardless, he shouldn’t have been driving. i have far more respect for him than for a punk like jumbo elliot who had a bad habit of beating up people not large enough to be called jumbo. if he reads this he’ll probably come looking for me. i’m smaller than him too.

        • TheJetPress

          haha I think most of us are smaller than that guy.

  • http://twitter.com/RJNaeder Robert John Naeder

    Whats going on Alan? I am a 18 year old struggling fan of the Knicks, Mets, Jets and Rangers. Yahh ikno its a rough life, lol!

    “We stay with the Jets because we eventually will win one, and we know that the euphoria of that moment will be to a level that nobody can imagine.” <—SoTrue

    The best part about being a Jets fan, as you stated in your article, is the fact that the Jets at the start of every season are Super Bowl Contenders. The Jets are a team who are always lingering around and if they have all the right pieces they might make a surprising run like the 09-10 season.

    • TheJetPress

      What’s happening Robert? Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I feel your pain as those are the four teams I root for as well. I am a little older than you so I was able to see the Rangers win it in 1994, and the Mets in 1986, but I get it.
      Certainly builds character.