Terry Bradway has had some great successes in his time with the New York Jets.

Is New York Jets' Terry Bradway as Bad as Everyone Thinks?

In case you have missed the recent news, the Jets have made some changes in the front office. As we posted recently, Scott Cohen and Ari Nissim are not going to have their contracts renewed, and will be leaving the Jets’ front office.  No surprise here, it was only a matter of time before John Idzik started making his mark on the front office.  The new guy is going to bring in his guys.

As this happened, many were expecting Terry Bradway to be the next guy to go. But as the day went along, it was not to be, and we learned that Terry would be staying in New York. This angered many Jets fans, as I saw on the @thejetpress Twitter feed all day long. Many were calling him “Teflon Terry”, as in the guy that can’t be touched.

So that got me thinking. How good of a talent evaluator has Terry Bradway been through the years? Is he really as bad as everyone says? So I did some research, and looked at what Bradway did through the years. He was the general manager beginning with the 2001 draft, and ending with the 2005 draft.

You might be surprised as to my findings. Let’s look back:

2001: 1st round, 16th overall, WR Santana Moss
2nd round, 49th overall, RB Lamont Jordan
3rd round, 79th overall, T Kareem McKenzie

2002: 1st round, 22nd overall, DE Bryan Thomas

Let’s see. So far, over the first two years of the Bradway era, he drafted a speedy wide receiver that still is making an impact in the league, a running back that didn’t have a long career but was quite effective in a Jets’ uniform, a starting right tackle, and a defensive end that played a significant role for the Jets through this past season.

2004: 1st round, 12th overall, LB Jonatham Vilma
3th round, 108th overall, WR Jerricho Cotchery
5th round, 143rd overall, S Erik Coleman

2005: 3rd round, 88th overall, DT Sione Po’uha
4th round, 123rd overall, S Kerry Rhodes

So there we have a many year starting linebacker in Vilma, a receiver that we all wish was never let go in Cotchery, and a safety in Coleman that was lesser-known, but did pick off 7 in 3 years with the Jets.

In 2005, we have a tackle that played until the current season, and a safety that had great seasons in the Green and White before he was sent away during the Rex era.

Yes, I skipped 2003, as that was the year that Bradway selected Dewayne Robertson. We all know that was a mistake, and a colossal one. But that is one.

My point here, is look at that list. It looks to me like Terry Bradway had a lot more success than failure as a talent evaluator. Is it really so bad that he is staying? After all, he wanted to choose the guy below:

January 26, 2013; Honolulu, HI, USA; NFC quarterback Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks (3) passes the football during the NFC practice on Ohana Day at the 2013 Pro Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

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  • matr dontelli iii

    Pic didn’t come through but I’m guessing it’s Wilson. He don’t seem like a franchise killer to me. I’m starting to really doubt jets fans. As with seemingly everything else, the loudest are always the most ignorant.

    • TheJetPress

      Yup, the picture is Russell Wilson. You know what it is? it’s exactly what phshaw says above you Matr, Jets fans get emotional and can forget the long term picture. Bradway overall is a good evaluator.

      • matr dontelli iii

        to further illustrate the ignorant part, over at toj, where they tend to congregate, there were several supposed fans yukking it up over the goodson thing. i mean, idzik signed him because he thought we could use his talent. now he’s likely lost and again, supposed fans are laughing it up and joking about it. it made me sick. if powell and mcknight were so good we woulda done more last year. goodson was half of our new backfield which was gonna control the ball and make the defense’s as well as the qb’s job easier. well there goes that idea. hahaha.yeah, those are fans. just like fireman ed. with fans like that you don’t need yahoo and espn. sheesh!

        • TheJetPress

          It’s sad when that happens. I mean, I don’t begrudge anyone how they feel, we all love our team the same. But that kind of thing is just stupid.
          Don’t hate Fireman Ed to badly. I have met him and talked with a few times, even interviewed him for this site. He’s a great guy, and great Jets’ fan.

  • phshaw

    I’m not surprised by this factual assessment of Bradway. The Jet fans sometimes develop a pack mentality fueled by sheer emotion. Bradway was not an effective GM but seemingly was always in his element as a talent evaluator. Why discard such a valuable skill-set? Good for Idzik and good for Bradway.

    • TheJetPress

      Thanks. That was the goal, to bring a factual assessment because you are right. Sometimes, and all of us Jets fans are guilty of what you said, that emotional pack mentality.
      We forget the big picture sometimes, and the big picture, overall, with Bradway is that he can evaluate talent.

    • Anonymous

      That “factual” assessment is only a tiny piece of the picture–what about the years since 2005? If Bradway is so awesome, there should be multiple years since 2005 that can be held up as evidence of his greatness–where is all that data?

      • phshaw

        Anonymous…can we stay away from the extremes for once? Did anyone say Bradway was ‘great’? What I and the article is suggesting is that he is competent even capable at his job as a talent evaluator. You make some mistakes but you hit on more than your share of good suggestions.

        • Anonymous

          That argument only makes sense if you can point to something, anything, he has done since 2005 that makes him even a competent talent evaluator. This article only looks at things he did a decade ago–we need a complete picture of his accomplishments in order to know if he’s any good.

          If you were interviewing someone for a new job, would it be ok with you if their resume only listed things they did up until 2005? Wouldn’t you want to know what the person has done most recently?

        • TheJetPress

          That’s all we were going for…I agree.

  • Frank Antonelli

    I’m glad Idzik is making up his own mind and not listening to some of the more idiotic Jet fans. He obviously did his own assessment of Bradway and found him to be a keeper. Idzik is once again proving he is his own man and he will make decisions based on what is in the best interest of the Jets. He will not make decisions based on a popularity poll or bring in his friends/associates when he has a capable person already on staff.

    • TheJetPress

      Exactly right Frank. Idzik is making decisions for his team, and his team only. Gotta love it.

  • Ben Lee

    Of course he sucks. Why did you exclude the debacle that was the first 2 rounds of the 2005 draft? We trade a first round pick for a washed up Doug Jolley and a second rounder?. Heath Miller was still on the board if we needed a TE. Then got Justin Miller (where is he now?) and Mike Nugent in the second round. What kind of GM would pick a PK in the second round? And a mediocre one at that. Knee jerk overreaction to Doug Brien? Horrible GM and deserved to be fired just for those two rounds.

    • TheJetPress

      I agree that Nugent was a knee-jerk to Doug Brien, but Nugent could kick until he got hurt. Justin Miller was a good player, I don’t call him a mistake. Jolley? Of course, but I think bottom line he more success than failure.
      Not expecting you to agree, just my point of view. Thanks for stopping by.

      • matr dontelli iii

        i thought the article was about his scouting acumen as opposed to his gm (which he is not anymore) abilities. it seems he’s a pretty decent evaluator and a lousy gm. and now he’s where he belongs, evaluating talent for a rookie gm who so far seems pretty shrewd. i don’t see any problem there. however, if mr. t had taken bradway’s advice last year idzik wouldn’t have had the opportunity to look so sharp by grabbing geno in the second round this year. heck, mr. t mighta saved his job by drafting wilson. mighta.

        • TheJetPress

          Thanks Matr….That is where I was going, talking about his ability to evaluate talent. You are right had we taken Wilson last year, Idzik would not be taking Geno and most Jets fans would be happy because Mark would be gone.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a bit confused here–you only looked at the years where he was GM. So he would have had the final say on these guys, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he himself specifically chose those players. What about in the years since 2005? What can you point to since then that makes him a keeper?

    • TheJetPress

      The only way to look at it, at least in my opinion, is when he had final say. It’s not like we hear which players he wanted every year when Mike was GM. I mentioned the Russell Wilson situation which we knew about. It’s hard to obtain those facts that you are talking about.