Feb 21, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; New York Jets general manager John Idzik speaks at a press conference during the 2013 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

What Have We Learned About New York Jets GM John Idzik?

We have made it through the first months of John Idzik on the job. We have made it through the initial offseason period when John worked through the roster, reworking salary cap numbers to allow the team to make moves. We have been through offseason signings. Finally, we have been through the NFL draft, and the signings of the UDFAs. We have learned, under no uncertain terms, that it is a new day and age in Florham Park, NJ.

Gone are the rumors, gone are the leaks from the front office. Things have done quite the 180 degree turn over the past few months. But, let’s talk about the newest member of the front office. What have we learned about John Idzik? The answer is that we have learned a lot.


John Idzik has a vision for this football team. How do we know this? Because he has systematically reconstructed this organization and this roster. He first eliminated the older edge to this roster, with Bart, Bryan Thomas…etc. He was able to make temporary fixes to the salary cap. Between the draft and the UDFA’s, he has affected each and every position of need, making it younger and faster.

We have learned that John Idzik has an absolute vision.


What do I mean by that? I mean that John Idzik does what he wants to do, when he wants to do it, and nobody is going to influence the timing of a decision he makes. Look at the Tebow decision, for example. We all thought he should have been released weeks ago. Maybe he should have.

The point is that one man DIDN’T think so, so it didn’t happen. That man is John Idzik. He felt it was appropriate to keep him on the roster and try to make a trade, so that is what he did. No matter what anyone else felt, John did what he wanted to do, because that is the type of leader he is.

Look at the free agent signings as well. The first few days went by, and nothing happened. We were begging and begging, but nothing happened. What WAS happening? John Idzik was planning, restructuring, and preparing to make his moves. They may not have been flashy, the David Garrard signing, the Antwan Barnes signing..etc., but they fit a plan. They fit John Idzik’s plan, because he is his own man, making his own decisions, no matter what anyone else says.


His draft strategy became crystal clear. He does not draft for need, he drafts the best player available. The first round is the most obvious evidence. There were plenty of outside pass rushers available when the Jets selected, but yet they chose a defensive tackle with the 13th pick. Why? Because John Idzik saw the best player available on the board, and he believes in bringing the best talent available to his team.

It means the coaching staff has to be flexible. John Idzik isn’t going to pick exactly into the style that the coach is necessarily accustomed to. The Sheldon Richardson choice is a prime example. He is not a fit for a typical Rex 3-4 set, but he is a fit for a new Rex, 4-3 set. With John Idzik at the helm, the coaching staff must be ready for anything. He will get you the best player available, no matter what.

What point am I trying to make here? A simple one. John Idzik is driving the bus now, and no outside influences are going to change his route. The new GM is going to get it done, in his vision, and nobody is going to tell him otherwise. The media isn’t, the coaches aren’t, and the fans aren’t.

There is a singular vision in charge of the New York Jets now. Let’s get on the bus, and see where John drives it.

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  • MaxJet

    Please! The first two picks in the draft were made by Rex and the 39th pick was Woody’s to get back page news and fans on the seats at the stadium in 2013-14. There is a fine line between BPA and need. One needs to keep a balance i.e. Ravens. I don’t think Idzik did such a great job keeping that balance. Up to this point I don’t see it as his own man. Not yet ready to jump on that bus. I have to see that the bus is not heading toward a cliff!

    • TheJetPress

      Fair enough, not expecting you to agree with me on everything I write.

    • Frank Antonelli

      You’re not really this stupid are you? You either haven’t been paying attention or you are one of the clowns in the media tent.

  • Korwil

    Agree with this article completely. Idzik definitely went BPA in this draft. Milliner was a top 7 talent that fell to 9, Richardson was picked appropriately for his talent, and geno was the consensus #1 QB on the board. Honestly, all three picks addressed needs too even though they weren’t the largest needs (TE, S, WR)

    Other point where he went BPA over need: Oday Aboushi in the 5th. He could have easily went with one of our major positions of need (TE, S, WR) but stayed true to his board. OT/OG wasn’t the largest area of need at that point so that was the icing on the cake.

    I have to say I don’t agree with MaxJet by any means. No picks scream attention to me at all. Geno fell to #39 we didn’t trade up to the #1 overall pick to get him.

    • TheJetPress

      That’s fine Korwil. He’s entitled to his opinion as are you and I. I love the fact that we can debate on here.

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    Excellent Review

    • TheJetPress


  • matr dontelli iii

    i’ve got my bus pass right here. it’s of the annual variety. i’m onboard, suitcases in the luggage compartment. i like what i’ve seen so far and hope it’s a nice long trip. i’m just waiting for rex to start a chorus of ‘a hundred bottles of beer on the wall’.

    • TheJetPress

      Heheheh, I love it!

      • matr dontelli iii

        Nice to see some more commenters here. For a while it almost seemed like we were sending texts back and forth!

        • TheJetPress

          Totally agree, although I will talk to everyone, no matter how few, or how many. We’ll have more commenters, the more we write. Tell your Jets fan friends to come join us, that I engage all readers! Recruit for me.

          • matr dontelli iii

            i think reading has become a lost art. anytime i talk to a jet fan i mention the jet press as well as tjb and toj. then they tell me how they were listening to mike fathead or what they heard on espn. i’d be afraid my head would explode if i listened to fathead. espn is still the worst thing to ever happen to sports. i worked with someone who watched espn all the time. you can’t talk sports with these people. the’re ignorant. they have everything backwards. this guy told me how weatherford was the worst punter in the league after he famously shanked a punt and got blasted by espn (i believe during his last playoffs with the jets). i explained how he tied the record for most punts downed inside the 20 during the regular season but picked a bad time to shank a punt. he had no idea. it seems so many people don’t like to read, they’d rather have someone dictate to them therby getting one side of a story with no counterpoint or oposing point of view. sheesh (i find myself saying that a lot lately)

          • TheJetPress

            Reading is a lost art, I have said that for a while. People don’t always like to think for themselves, so I am glad you do, as well as the whole crew of readers on this board, and everyone else that stops by.

  • Frank Antonelli

    The Jets Front Office is finally doing what is best for the team and not being pressured by the NY media, fans, etc. One of his previous associates (name escapes me) stated something very interesting about John, namely, that he would rather make the right decision for the team and get fired then make the popular but wrong decision and still have a job. I think that speak volumes for the man. We’re heading in the right direction and acting like a professional front office. This doesn’t guarantee success but at least it gives us a realistic chance.

    • matr dontelli iii

      i read that also, frank. that whole article was great and provided tremendous insight into the kinda guy we got. i think we are really fortunate to have him for a gm and as i’ve said before i think we’re a lot closer to our next super bowl than many think. a LOT closer!

    • TheJetPress

      That’s exactly right Frank. That takes us in the right direction. It’s a very telling statement, and a great one.