Reactions to the New York Jets 2013 NFL Draft Day 2 Selections

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Apr 26, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Geno Smith (West Virginia) is introduced as the number thirty-ninth overall pick to the New York Jets during the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

All right, here we go. I am sure you all knew that I would have quite a bit to say on this subject. Let’s get right to it.

I don’t like it. Let me start there. No, it is not because I think that Mark Sanchez can still get the job done. I do, and I know that I am in the minority on that, but that is not why I don’t like the move. The move isn’t a good one because the second round was too early for ANY of these quarterbacks.

Here is some video on Geno in a game vs. Maryland:

His mechanics, and therefore his accuracy are too inconsistent to be a franchise quarterback. He’ll step into his throws and they will be things of beauty. Other times, he is throwing flat-footed, and his throws aren’t so accurate. This tape, to me, is not the tape of a franchise quarterback, deserving of a pick in the first two rounds. He is not a guy that you build a team around.

The Jets would have been better suited looking for offensive WEAPONS early, and taking a quarterback that is a project, later in the draft. Quarterbacks that are not franchise quarterbacks need to have great weapons around him. Say Geno ends up winning the job. How will the situation be different for him than it would be for Mark? There will still be a lack of weapons at his disposal. See? It seems backwards to me.

What does it say about the circus around the team as well? Coming into this draft, the Jets had two quarterbacks that garner a lot of media attention, in Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. Instead of improving the offense as a group, they bring in a THIRD quarterback that is going to draw a lot of attention from our friends in the press. The logic of that escapes me. In later rounds I could have justified it more, but not on the second round. The player needs to have much more sound fundamentals.

It also brings into question the coaching situation. We have all assumed that this is going to be the last year for Rex Ryan and company. But, now they bring in a quarterback, that pretty much says they are starting all over again. Do you then bring in a whole new coaching staff next year, that didn’t choose this quarterback? Wouldn’t that be tantamount to starting over….AGAIN? Does this move mean that Rex gets a long-term extension to try to make it work with Geno Smith? The move creates a lot of uncertainty.

So, with all things considered, I give the day a B+. How about all of you?

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