Feb 21, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Stanford tight end Zach Ertz speaks to the media during the 2013 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

New York Jets Draft Profile: TE Zach Ertz

This morning, we are going to continue our prep for the draft. As you know, we take a look at players that have been associated with the Jets’ and analyze whether or not they would be a good fit for the team. Today will be no different.

One position that the Jets have not rebuilt at all during the offseason is tight end. Dustin Keller is gone, taking his game to South Beach. The Jets have not replaced him yet, moving forward with a roster that includes Jeff Cumberland and Konrad Reuland. It’s become assumed that the Jets are going to take a look at this position in the draft, and Mel Kiper has the Jets addressing the position in the second round of the draft.

His choice is who we are going to look at this morning, Zach Ertz, TE from Stanford University.


He comes in at 6’5″, 249 pounds, and ran the forty yard dash in 4.76 seconds and the NFL Combine.  He led in the 3 cone drill with a time of 7.08 seconds.

Take a look at the full profile from nflmocks.com.

Here are his college stats:

2012 69 898 13.0 68 6
2011 27 346 12.8 26 4
2010 16 190 11.9 32 5

Here are some video highlights on Zach:

PROS: Coming from Stanford, you know he is prepared to be a pro. The first thing I see on the video is his hands. He catches the ball with them, rather than letting it get into his body, the way an accomplished wide receiver would do so. I have read that he has issues with drops, but his hands seem soft on the tape. He may not have elite straight line speed, but he has speed with the ball in his hands. He has the speed to accumulate YAC, which is important in the WC offense. Zach is also a precise route runner.

CONS: Zach didn’t have a lot of experience against press coverage. He did OK in the clip or two that I saw press coverage, but it doesn’t happen often. It will be a test for him to face press coverage at the NFL level. The only other major knock on Ertz is that he is not a terrific blocker. It may give fans shades of Dustin Keller with his blocking ability, although Keller did improve.

This guy would definitely be an asset in the receiving game. I just wonder if, due to his difficulties in blocking, is he complete enough? Ertz will learn, and his blocking will get better. However, I am not 100% sold on him as a second round choice. If he is around later on, maybe, but I just think that the second round might be a bit too soon.

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  • LIJetsFan

    A round too soon is exactly right. Please, no more TE’s that can’t block!

    • TheJetPress

      glad you agree! I agree, need our TE to be as complete a player as possible.

      Thanks for reading

  • blastingzone

    I’ve heard his name but I don’t know much about him? If he can’t block thats not
    going to help the QB or the running game so I wouldn’t take him in the 2nd round either unless you get another 2nd rounder in the Revis trade then I might(only might) take a chance on him? I guess it depends who you take with the two first round picks?( one from TB in the Revis trade) I do know this we need a tight end!! I took a
    pause and watched the film of Zack Ertz he’s a big target and he can catch the
    football! He looks good in the red zone and if Holmes is back, Curley, Thompson,
    and if they add another WR Ertz or who ever will be our TE will be one on one
    most of the time with Holmes or the other WR being doubled covered most of
    the time!!

  • blastingzone

    What do you think of TE Chris Gragg from Arkansas?

    • TheJetPress

      I agree, no Ertz on the second round. Needs to be more complete. As far as Gragg, he looks good on film, but he might be a little bit small to be a full time tight end at the nfl level. At his current size I see him more as a Josh Baker H-back type.

      • blastingzone

        If Gragg is a little small at TE he would make a big WR? I heard a
        broadcaster on the film say Gragg has 4.4 speed so he would big and
        very fast at WR and he can catch the ball without dropping it like
        another WR on our club!! I got carried away on my comment on your
        Revis article but its how I feel!!

        • TheJetPress

          That could be interesting. He would make a big wide receiver, creating great matchups against nfl cornerbacks.

          • blastingzone

            When you don’t have a lot of cap space you need to be creative
            and think outside the box!! By the way I’m just as big a fan of the
            mets and knicks! I have been a met fan since 1964, and a knick
            fan since 1968 thru thick and thin!! I moved from Long Island, NY
            to Florida in 1991 but I’m still loyal to my teams and I always will be
            till the day I die!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.szeligowski John Szeligowski Jr.

    Watched some tape on Gragg and the way he blocks reminds me of old school TE’s but with some real unexpected quickness. He seemed to have no problem with getting real physical with the fatties and yet when he broke out for a pass….whoa. Much quicker getting into the open field than you’d expect, although he didn’t seem to make defenders miss with his speed but his physicality and durability; but that’s fine! Had good hands, didn’t body catch too much. That’s a nice find… Ertz is certainly a talent and bound to go early. If you pick him that early it’s not to block, and if you’re not getting a blocker I might go Eifert from Notre Dame before Ertz. He’s got great speed, is big with real good hands. But Jets are more in a position to go for Gragg later on, they need defensive skill bad. You go TE in the 1st round, when we have a good one already in Cumberland, you miss out on some much more needed talent.

    • TheJetPress

      I can agree with all of that John. I definitely don’t see John going tight end in the first round, as you are absolutely right, we need the defensive skill.

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