New York Jets have a Franchise Decision to Make on a Player NOT Named Darrelle Revis

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New York Jets Owner Woody Johnson, newly hired GM John Idzik, and Head Coach Rex Ryan all have a big decision to make. We all know that something has to give, regarding the Revis situation… But is there another decision that could have a franchise-altering impact? I believe so… And it involves #6.

Let me just say this: Coming off a horrific 26 turnover season (52 in 2 years), it’s hard to be a Sanchez-apologist. But that’s not my intention.

My intention is to address the quarterback position, keeping the recent past, present, and future into consideration.

So, before I say I have Mark’s back, or suggest that the Jets should draft West Virginia’s QB Geno Smith…. Hear me out.

Here is the Jets Current Depth at QB
Mark Sanchez
David Garrard
Greg McElroy
Tim Tebow
Matt Simms

Potential QB prospects
Geno Smith
Matt Barkley
EJ Manuel
Ryan Nassib
Matt Glennon

The Jets brass MUST plan, if they have not yet, to fix this problem.
Are they sold on Mark? If they are, how can he restore his confidence?
If not, do they believe that Geno Smith (or any other top QB in the 2013 draft)  is a FRANCHISE QB?

Once this is figured out, it could shape, or even destroy the Jets plans for the future.

For the sake of this article, we’ll focus on Mark. We’ll assume the Jets let him play out his current contract in 2013, while adding other pieces in this month’s draft. Then, see how things play out and take it from there.

So what exactly is the problem with Mark? His recent body of work, body language, and leadership intangables, have been average, at best. And I think most would agree, that’s being generous.

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