Jarvis Jones + The New York Jets = YES

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Deep into the 2013 NFL Draft season the over analyzing of  prospects has reached insane levels of absurdity.  Which makes this NFL Draft season essentially no different from any other NFL Draft season but doesn’t mean the absurdity is any less……..well…..absurd.  For example, the case of one Jarvis Jones, DE out of Georgia has seemingly been one over-analysis after another to the point where some actually suggest that he may slip into the 2nd round of April’s draft. Preposterous and simply crazy, to say the least.

As far as pass rushers go in this year’s draft, simply put; Jarvis Jones is the best.  Don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying he’s  the most complete OLB prospect available, I think that title should go to Oregon’s DE Dion Jordan but Jones is the best pure pass rusher and there’s literally no debating that.  After a 13.5 sack campaign in 2011, Jones followed that up with  85 tackles, 24 tackles-for-loss, 14.5 sacks, 1 interception, 7 forced fumbles, and 2 fumbles recovered in 2012.  I’m seeing a lot of Jones opposers out there attempting to downplay these numbers with illogical and asinine arguments like, for example, mentioning previous SEC dominant pass rushers that have “failed” or are “failing” in the NFL.  I hope that most are sharp enough to dismiss these and other ridiculous and irrelevant “arguments re Jarvis Jones”


LB Jarvis Jones is just the edge player the Jets defense is lacking.

The Jets (and any other team looking for a pass rusher in the first round, especially in the top 10) will have to essentially determine if with their first round pick, do they go with Jarvis Jones, an elite pass rushing prospect who should virtually have no problems getting after the QB but will probably need to be coached in other areas en route to becoming a complete OLB or do they simply pass on him and go in another direction to prevent from having to do so AND, do they feel Jones is worth it?  That is essentially what it will boil down to from the Jets perspective and for the record I do believe they should take that chance on Jones and that he is in fact worth it.  Simply put; the Jets need to draft that player that can generate sacks on his own and in my opinion Jarvis Jones is that player.  Over the past couple of seasons the Jets, who are being led by a “defensive genius” in head coach Rex Ryan, total sack numbers have been stomach turning at BEST. In 2011 they were ranked 17th in the league with 35 sacks and in 2012 they were ranked 25th with 30 sacks, not really a good thing especially when your offense has problems holding it’s own more times than not over that same time frame and hasn’t actually gotten better over the years.

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