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A Look Back: The New York Jets 2009 Draft Class

We spend a lot of time around here looking ahead to the upcoming NFL draft, and with good reason. It is going to be the “lifeline” of the team, as John Idzik has put it, so we are all paying attention to it with anticipation.

Tonight, I want to look back at the 2009 draft class. Specifically, how we feel about the draft class. That class consisted of three players only, and one of them still remains on the team. The players in that class were Shonn Greene, Matt Slauson and Mark Sanchez. We know that Shonn Greene has migrated down to Tennessee to join CJ2K and the Titans. Yesterday, we learned that Matt Slauson signed a one year contract with the Bears.

That leaves Mark Sanchez as the only remaining member of the class. We all know how everyone feels, and the range of feelings, that are had about this quarterback. So, the question is, how do we grade that draft class?

I see many people calling it an “F” because the guys that have gone, are being replaced by likely one year players, and they have Mark. I am going to take a different take, and tell you why the class is not so bad.

Here’s the thing. Eventually, guys are moved on to other teams. That is the business of football, and the business of sports in general. That doesn’t take away from whatever they had done while they were members of the team they started with, and that is true for Matt Slauson and Shonn Greene.

After Alan Faneca left the Jets following the 2009 season, Matt Slauson stepped in and started every game ever since. Just because he wasn’t re-signed, you can’t take that accomplishment away from him. He, drafted by the Jets, was a solid starter for three years. Cores of a team are changed, that doesn’t take away the value of the pick to begin with.

The same goes for Shonn Greene. OK Jets fans, stop moaning and groaning at the sight of his name, he did play a role when he was the backup to Jones and to Tomlinson. Coming off the bench, pounding on defenses late in the game, Greene was quite effective, despite everyone’s attempts to forget that. Everyone remember that TD against the Chargers in the 2009 playoffs? No, he never turned into a great bell-cow running back for 25 carries per game, but he hasn’t been useless for his entire Jets career.

Mark Sanchez is not useless either, despite my being one of the few people left that say so. His work in 2009-2010 can not be forgotten. The man does have ability, and whether or not this is his last year in NY, he was productive early in his career.

What is my point? My point is, that despite the fact that 2 out of 3 members of the 2009 draft class are gone, and the third might be gone by the end of 2013, doesn’t mean that they are an F. To me, they are a solid “C”, as they performed well, but being gone brings them down a little.

What do you guys think?

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  • matr dontelli iii

    greene was perfect for his role during his first two years. it was not a mistake to let jones go, the mistake was not replacing him with a younger bell cow and thinking greene would be it. it’s not greene’s fault he was miscast. i like rex and i think he can get it done, however he and mr. t were not a good pair, they made too many mistakes which will not be listed due to space and time constraints (i have to work monday). rex needs to coach and not be allowed to shop for the groceries. hopefully idzik can get, and keep the ship pointing north. i think the majority of mark’s problems stem from mr. t and rex as well. slauson was mistreated as well, with the paycut and giving time to ducasse to prove he wasn’t a bust. the biggest problem with this draft was that they gave up 3 picks for greene. i can’t wait to see you evaluate the 2010 draft!

    • TheJetPress

      Exactly right my friend. Shonn did the best he could the way he was cast, not his fault he wasn’t up to the task. Good point on Mike and Rex as well. Whether it was Rex being allowed to overrule Mike too much or what, it wasn’t working and was time for a change.

      By the way, I hadn’t planned on talking about the 2010 class, was just doing 2009 since 2 out of 3 were gone. But, since you asked, I just might have to review that class. Been looking for topic suggestions, I think I could make that happen.

  • docdhc

    You just can’t have 3 picks in a draft and call it a success unless at least one pick was a home run. You build a team’s depth and special teams with solid picks in the later rounds and the Jets had none that year. You also can hit with a few starters in the later rounds as well. Trading up and having less picks than any other team during his helm was the main reason for Tannenbaum’s undoing.

    • TheJetPress

      Oh I don’t disagree with what you are saying docdhc. I only gave the class a “C”, it’s not like I gave them an “A”. I just feel the work that they all did is enough to make it a “C”.
      Thanks for reading.

  • Rex Reyanson

    f triple minus. they stunk, those on the team. Jet managem / scouting thought S.Greene was good, they traaded UP for him. no need to mention the fumbling butthead. one of 2 or 3 worst starting QB’s in NFL. and Slauson was the main Jet player always whining to media. not S.Holmes, Slauson.

    • TheJetPress

      thanks for reading. I disagree….greene did well as a backup to Jones and Tomlinson….and Mark was good enough for the first two years IMO.

      You are certainly entitled to your opinion Rex. Thanks for stopping by.