Dustin Keller is a Dolphin, Darrelle Revis is a New York Jet....For Now

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6.) Early “outlooks” on the Jets 2013 season

It’s insanely early but the Jets are already projecting to win only 5 games max next season.  I certainly don’t agree or disagree with those projections but the Jets are looking like a team that is heading into the season with no expectations and that may be exactly what they need.  Here’s a somewhat somber but logical look at this argument from NFL.COM



7.) Greg Jennings to the Vikings???

WR Greg Jennings turned down an offer from the Patriots and decided to accept an offer with the Vikings.  So Jennings has essentially decided NOT to catch any more passes from Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady but from Christian Ponder instead?  From what I’m hearing, the Pats and Vikings offers weren’t that far apart so it was a personal decision by Jennings it seems.  Hey, if playing in the Twin Cities is what he feels is best for him, who are we to knock him but I believe his potential path to the HOF ran through Green Bay and most certainly could have run through New England.


But what do I know?


DE Damontre Moore becomes insanely excellent value in Round 2 for the Jets.

8.) My ridiculous NOT so ridiculous surprise draft prediction of the week.

Am I the only one that sees the Jets trading out of the 1st round COMPLETELY?  I think the Jets can garner at LEAST a 2nd and a 3rd (to start with) and certainly begin addressing serious depth issues with two 2nd rounders  and two 3rd rounders.  That would be 4 players in the first 3 rounds (possibly 5 if Revis’s deal includes another 2nd round pick) and would be a great step in the rebuilding direction Jets GM John Idzik is clearly trying to take the Jets in.

An example of what I would love for the Jets to do if they were to ULTIMATELY end up with three 2nd round picks and two third round picks;

2) DE Damontre Moore

2b) TE Gavin Escobar

2c) G Larry Warford

3.) DE Corey Lemonier

3b) WR Stedman Bailey


9.)  Dolphins loading up?

Is it me or the Dolphins loading up via Free Agency have a “Philadelphia Eagle Dream Team” feel to it?  NO?


10.) One of those AWESOME movie going seasons is about to be upon us again…. SOON….. I can feel it in my Nuggets.


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