Offseason Outlook: 2013 New York Jets starting roster should look like this...

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I realize that writing an article based purely on speculation, prior to free agency, draft, ect… is susceptible to a little criticism, but try and have an open mind…

So, The New York Jets will give it another go with Mark Sanchez this year, and it’ll be anything but exciting to watch. Again. Right?


But let’s take a look from the Jets perspective, and try filling every need and hole (realistically) going into the 2013 season.

Try and stay with me here!

First, let’s address the Revis situation.

Woody vs. Darrelle

Darrelle Revis is a great player. We would all like to see the two sides come to terms, especially after hearing that Revis wants to remain a Jet. But if things “get ugly”, you never know what can happen.
With that said, I envision both parties will stand pat with their individual opinions, and refuse to give in for their sake of respect and the public’s perception of just that.
The Revis trade will be for 49ers 31st and 34th (Chiefs) overall picks. The 49ers will also throw the Jets a 6th rd pick.The Jets will then trade all of those picks to the Jaguars for the #2 overall pick.
**The Jets draft selection will be addressed later in the article…
Have to let ‘em walk
- Dustin Keller (’08 1st Rd. 5 year Jet)
- Shonn Greene (’09 3rd Rd. 4 year Jet)
- Matt Slauson (’09 6th Rd. 4 year Jet)
- Yeremiah Bell (’12 FA signing. Age 35)
- Sione Pouha (’05 3rd Rd. 8 year Jet. Age 34)
The fact of the matter is, none of these players (excluding Keller was higher than a 3rd Rd.. Pick for the Jets. Nowadays, you can find younger replacements at lower costs, mainly through the draft.
Re-signing the Leaders
RG- Brandon Moore
DL- Mike DeVito

Brandon Moore and Mike DeVito need to remain respected leaders among the Jets locker room. Team chemistry can never be overstated. It was a major problem in 2010-11 and we (Jets fans) better not have to worry about that again.

Remember Brandon Moore’s halftime speech in Jacksonville? If it weren’t for him we would’ve lost that game.

Conor, of wrote a great article about how Brandon Moore’s leadership is invaluable.


Potential Free Agent Signings

FS- Ed Reed (Ravens)

“[Ryan was] like a dad, like a brother, man,” Reed said. “We wanted Rex as the head coach in Baltimore. We did not want him to leave. It hurt when he left. We knew he was a great coach. There was a reason why that defense was the way it was. I would play anywhere with Rex — in a dark alley, on the street, in high school football, sandlot, anywhere — because he makes it fun. He loves this game. He truly loves this game and there’s a reason why those guys in New York back him the way they do.”

Ed Reed on playing for Rex Ryan.

SS- LaRon Landry

RB/FB- Brian Leonard (Bengals/Rutgers)

TE- Delanie Walker (49’ers)

OLB- Barrett Ruud (TB) or Shawn Phillips (SD)


Jump with us to the next page where we’ll attack the NFL Draft and see wht the depth chart could end up looking like for the 2013 Jets…


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