Darrelle Revis Update, the 2013 NFL Draft and More with the New York Jets

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January 19, 2013; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; West running back Christine Michael of Texas A

7.) Christine Michael

Speaking of Christine Michael, it is being reported that Michael is being removed from a few team’s draft boards because he missed combine interviews due to over sleeping.  I say GOOD….remove him so the Jets can have a legit shot at snatching him.  No one is condoning Michael’s actions but if teams want to remove a RB with as much talent as Michael off their boards due to something like this then I can only hope the Jets still realize the value in such a tremendously talented RB.  Michael had a solid combine otherwise to go along with a solid year in which he has shown everyone just how talented he really is.


8.)  Mock Draft

Here’s another interesting Mock Draft that I wanted to gets Jets fans thoughts on…..


9.) Pastor blasting Tim Tebow

Last week Tim Tebow once again made headlines for things other than football when it was being reported that he was going to speak at the First Baptist Church in Dallas, a church that shares controversial sentiments on more than a few well known controversial topics.  Well after Tebow received a bit of backlash (and apparently after Tebow’s people realized what damage they were doing to themselves if they went ahead with this) Tebow decided to not speak at the church which prompted the Church’s leader Robert Jeffress to take a few shots at Tebow…… Indirectly of course.



10.)   Potential replacement for Shonne Greene AND Calvin Pace?

Jets have reportedly found Shonn Greene’s, Calvin Pace’s and potentially Darrelle Revis’s replacement ALL in the same prospect…..


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