Darrelle Revis Update, the 2013 NFL Draft and More with the New York Jets

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Aug 26, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; The Jets likely are having a tough time getting what they want in return for Darrelle Revis. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

4.) Revis update

The Jets are in a dire cap situation, as they lack overall roster depth  so dealing Revis can prove to be rewarding for cap purposes and depth purposes as his return package may be able to provide the Jets with some additions in key positions, possibly even starters or immediate contributors.

As I stated last week, I’m starting to get the feeling that the Jets aren’t getting the offers for Revis that they initially believed they would be getting, meaning no one is offering the Jets what Revis is really worth most likely due to the injury that Revis is currently rehabbing from coupled with the fact that trading for Revis means said team will have to work out a  long-term extension. That’s tricky, and potentially a sticky deal-breaker, considering his uncertain health. Those variables are understandable but it also puts the Jets in a REALLY precarious position leading up to this April’s draft.  The Jets dont want to trade Revis for just anything, heck if Revis decides to just WALK into free agency next offseason the Jets get a 3rd round compensation pick in next April’s draft so either way they get something for him, they just would love to dictate what they can get for him right now to help further build the team.

I’m torn on the Revis issue and would love to see the Jets come to terms with Revis but as I mentioned before, the Jets have to do what’s best for the team as a whole unit and trading Revis seems like the best way to do that.  For what it’s worth, the starting point for a Revis contract negotation is  Brandon Carr’s five-year, $50.1 million deal with Dallas signed last March.


5.)  Combine fallers

Since I touched on it briefly I wanted to post the prospects that I believe hurt themselves during the combine that the Jets probably were at LEAST considering…….

Jarvis Jones, Stepfan Taylor, Damontre Moore and  Bjoern Werner are all potential Jets prospects that saw their stock fall after the combine.  Each prospects stock fell for one reason or another but the fact is it’s fallen….  I’m not one that put much stock in combine results so I’m hoping the Jets are still looking at these prospects as all of them have solid game tapes but the bottom line is; it’s starting to shape up as a draft in which the Jets, if handled wisely and accordingly can solidify important positions  that are lacking in the depth area with overall talented prospects.


6.)  What a potential Revis trade could look like for the Jets.

Lets say the Niners decide to suddenly get interested in Revis sometime in the month of March and decide to go after him.  They have to ammo to certainly come off more than a few picks but for argument sack we’ll say the 49ers are willing to part ways with their 1st and the 2nd acquired from Kansas City, here’s what the Jets could possibly utilize the picks for a this is what their first few rounds end up looking like;

1.) DE Dion Jordan/Ezekiel Ansah

1b.) G Jonathan Cooper/ Larry Worford

2.) WR Justin Hunter

2b.) TE Gavin Escobar

3.) RB Christine Michael


So that’s essentially  5 different potential starters/immediate contributors the Jets have acquired in this feasible trade and mock.  That is the reason why trading Revis has a lot of appeal to it as the Jets are hurting in more than few key areas and positions and trading Revis can do nothing but help assist in solidifying depth in those areas.  As much as Jet Nation hates the thought of trading Revis, it’s starting to become a no-brainer type of move at this point.

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