The NFL Combine, Tim Tebow, and More with the New York Jets

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6.) Dwight Freeney’s fit with the Jets

Since Dwight Freeney’s release from the Colts I’ve been hearing rumblings about the Jets possibly taking a chance on him and I just don’t see it happening for a few reasons.

-He’s 33 and is looking for another Superbowl at this point and coming to the Jets doesn’t make sense considering they are nowhere close to being a Superbowl contender right now.

– Freeney has practically played primarily in the 4-3 his whole career.  He played in a 3-4 last season as the Colts made the transition and placed him at OLB and he did next to nothing.

That said, if Rex brings him in for a workout and likes what he sees I can immediately get on board with the thought of a Freeney edge pass rusher with Coples and Wilkerson on the interior, I believe it’s a long shot that he ends up a Jet but I can definitely understand both sides of the debate on this one.


Seattle’s QB Matt Flynn may be looking at a release if the Seahawks cant move him in a trade, either way the Jets need to be interested.

7.) NFL Cuts

The NFL cut season gets more active as the draft gets closer and’s Gregg Rosenthal gives us an idea as to who he believes will get the slip in the coming weeks and there are some interesting names on the list but a few names on the list that the Jets might and should be interested in are; Alex Smith, Matt Flynn and DeAngelo Williams.

Of course Smith and Flynn may come with price tag but if the Jets are serious about adding legitimate competition for Mark Sanchez then they need to get serious about adding legit competition for Sanchez.  The Jets are currently in the process of getting under the cap and by the time the draft comes around they should be further under the cap so a deal for one of these POTENTIAL FA QBs certainly isn’t out of the question especially with Matt Flynn considering the John Idzik connection.


8.) Andy Reid trying to trade the first pick?

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid made it clear that he would be open to trading the number one pick.  Quite honestly this is probably the wrong draft to have the number overall pick considering the player most deserving of the overall pick this year is probably a Guard or Tackle and that may be stretching it a bit.  I think the Chiefs who have quite of bit of needs probably need to find someone to bite and trade back as I don’t see anyone one player this year they can take first overall that will dramatically change the dynamic of the team but a few starters drafted in the first AND second rounds can certainly change the dynamic.


9.) I wonder if Richard Sherman practices his stupidity or if it comes naturally?



10.) Injured Prospects

There are more than a few injured prospects eligible for this April’s draft and for the record there are 3 prospects that I would love for the Jets to take fliers on anywhere between rounds 3-6. Those players are;

-Florida State University DE Brandon Jenkins

– South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore

– Western Kentucky’s DE Quanterus Smith

All 3 players were playing elite football prior to their respective injuries and the Jets could use exceptional talent at the pass rusher and RB positions. All are either close to recovered or in the process of rehabbing and recovering accordingly.


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